New to us 2019 TAB 400 Boondock Lite-What is your favorite nickname?

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We were so excited to finally get our new 2019 Tab 400 BL this week. Kudos to the [email protected] forum for having a for sale section as we got it from a forum member who was relocating and needed to sell their nearly new trailer. The forum was also a lot of help when it came to researching questions for this long distance sale and ideas on safe towing (which I had not done for quite a few years). We made the trip from Ohio from Tennessee back home in 2 days and again found about overnites at Cracker Barrel from this forum and the Allstays app. The attached picture was from our first nite coming home and it got down to 36 degrees. We were cozy and warm with our Alde on propane. The prior owners took immaculate care of this trailer and we could not be happier. Now we are puzzling over a new name for him/her. Any favorite nicknames out there for your TAB 400 BL?

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  • CrabTabCrabTab Member Posts: 87
    We chose CRABTAB because our first adventure was crabbing on the Eastern Shore of Virginia.

    Your inspiration for a name will come to you...
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    Congrats! Great looking trailer.  The name will come to you at the right moment.  Our first trailer was named "Vixen."  Our first trip with her was to Yellowstone and while walking the boardwalk in Norris Geyser Basin, Vixen geyser erupted just as we started to look at it.  The name stuck.  We recently got our 2021 400 and she is named "Vixen Gail."  We added the Gail in memory of my mother-in-law who passed all too soon of cancer last summer.  It's fun to name your trailer!
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