Our windows on the new Tab 400 wont close!

We took our Tab on the first real overnight camping trip last week and realized that our windows will not properly shut. 
Our Tab has been in the driveway and was used several days as an “office” so the windows have been opened and closed many times. We noticed in the front and star gazer window we were having a harder time getting the windows to latch. On the front window we went to using to middle section to latch-what nuCamp calls the venting position. 
Now we cannot get the front and rear to close properly at all. 
Look at the pics from the stargazer and you’ll see the left window latch closes while the right latch doesn’t go far enough to the right to latch the window. The right latch simply closes beside the latch edge. 
Is there a simple adjustment we need to make or is this a dealer repair? 
Thank you. 


  • falcon1970falcon1970 Member Posts: 508
    It is hard to tell from the pics but I will bet that the striker side (the part screwed to the window Frame--not the handle) has moved towards the inside of the trailer.  You can see the screws are mounted in a "channel" which allows the latch to be adjusted.  Open the window and loosen the screws slightly.  Close the window and move the striker in or out until the handle can pull the window snugly closed.  Then, without moving the striker. tighten the screws.  Then go through all of the windows and adjust each striker as needed.  Finally, tighten ALL of the screws at each latch on all of the windows.  I'll bet that one latch is not the only one that is loose.
  • ADRawliADRawli Member Posts: 114
    The entire window can move slightly left or right as well.  The way it is mounted on hinges at the top allows for that movement.  It is not hard to gently push it slightly toward the hinge that is no longer grasping (maybe 1/4 inch) and you should find it aligns better.  
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  • Denny16Denny16 Member Posts: 470
    Yes, you need to realign the window so it is centered.  Opening and closing the front and back windows causes panel to soft to one side or the other.
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  • falcon1970falcon1970 Member Posts: 508
    Upon reinspecting the photos I think the above posters are correct.  The window has shifted from right to left.  Still not a bad idea to ensure the screws are tight though.  NOT gorilla tight, just make sure they are snug.
  • berggerbergger Member Posts: 66
    Yep.  I believe the above comments are correct.  We have a brand new 2021 400 and learned quickly that the windows have some minor lateral movement.  Simply open the window and slide it to the appropriate side to latch it.  
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  • xdrxdr Member Posts: 39
    The front window seems to have a different problem than the rear window. When we try to latch the front, we can't pull the window shut enough to go over the latch. For a few of the latches we can go to the middle part of the latch but can no longer pull it to the inner latch. 
    I didn't take a pic of that one but I hope it makes sense. 
    On the front window it almost feels like someone needs to push hard on the window to get the window to latch. 

    falcon1970, you discussed adjusting the latches by loosening the screws and realigning the latches to the window latch. Is that something that should be done for a window that doesn't want to shut completely or only for a lateral alignment? 
  • AirBossAirBoss Member Posts: 138
    @xdr, the strike plates can be adjusted on all windows, regardless of whether they are a horizontal or vertical alignment. In addition, I adjusted a couple of mine by slipping a metal shim under the strike plate so the plate is moved closer to the latch. This resolved the issue for me and hope it does the same for you. 
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  • falcon1970falcon1970 Member Posts: 508
    My initial comments were assuming that the strike plate had moved forward or aft so much that the locking lip on the handle could not reach the full locked position.  It is possible that the striker plate could be moved so much that the latch cannot even reach the semi-locked position.  if you open the window a few inches try moving the striker plate by hand.  if it moves at all it is probably out of position.  The fix is simple:  Close the window and latch it on the striker plate.  The either pull in on the handle or have someone push on the window from outside and then tighten the screws on the striker plate.  If closing and locking the window is then too hard you can mark the position of the striker plate and then loosen the screws and move the striker plate out slightly.  It will only need to be move 1 or 2 millimeters.
  • TNOutbackTNOutback Member Posts: 325
    Put some washers underneath the strike plate to raise it up.  That will fix it.
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  • boonieboonie Member Posts: 79
    yes same here, window moves right to left or back, a little tweek and you good to go.
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