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This might seem like a strange question...could someone give me the height of the toilet in the Tab 400 please?  I know it sits on a raised platform so I would need the measurement of the toilet itself (from the platform) and also the height of the platform.  This is so I can source an appropriate height replacement.

The reason I am asking is that I am looking to buy a 400 and my wife has mobility issues that need to be thought out before we commit.  The stock one is too low for her.  I read in another discussion that someone had replaced theirs and it was as simple as a household toilet.  

Thanks very much.


  • falcon1970falcon1970 Member Posts: 574
    On my NOV 2018 build 2019 model TAB400 the toilet sits 11 3/4" from the pedestal to the seat and 16 1/2" from the shower pan to the seat.
    Be aware, however, that nuCamp has a habit of making changes throughout the model year.  Sometimes they are fairly major changes and sometimes they are trivial changes that really aren't all that noticeable.  You should really find a trailer that you like and take measurements on the one you will buy.
    As an example that might bite you, I believe the 2021 models come with cassette toilets.  The dimensions are most likely very different from non-cassette toilets.
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    Only the new Tab 320 has a cassette toilet, the Tab 400 toilet remains unchanged at this point in time, at least on the 2021 models released so far.

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  • 4ncar4ncar Member Posts: 645
    I have removed and reinstalled the toilet on my 320. I have removed and reinstalled many House hold toilets. I assure you, the toilets in the RVs are WAY easier then the house hold, so commit! And find a toilet that works for you and replace it. It’s too easy!😀 ok, I’ll get off my throne with all this potty talk!!!😂😂😂
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