How much treatment?

Our 2016 [email protected] 320 CS-S has a 6 gallon black water tank. We are using Happy Camper treatment, which calls for one scoop of treatment mixed with one gallon of water. This seems like a lot of water and perhaps too much treatment. Anyone familiar with this treatment have any thoughts on this? 


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    I think one scoop of Happy Camper treats 40 gallons of black water... so maybe about 1/5 (20%) of a scoop should be appropriate for your tank.
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    The recommendation I’ve seen most often is 1/2 scoop each for the grey and black tanks on a Tab 320. Be sure to mix thoroughly with water before putting it down the shower or sink drains; I had to pull the drain trap under the sink recently for a project and found a ton of hardened Happy Campers in there. Never again...will always mix with water first going forward!
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    @rmcarthur, I agree with @CrabTab's suggestion.  Since Happy Camper is a holding tank deodorizer, I would not put it down the sink since it will likely get stuck in the P-trap as @VictoriaP described.  However, to get it into the gray water tank, you can put it through the shower drain.  That too has a P-trap, so as @VictoriaP suggests, you will want sufficient water to allow it to dissolve in the tank and pass completely through the P-trap.  I have read user posts on Happy Camper's site that advise that without sufficient water, it can turn as hard as cement.
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    I called and spoke with the man who created Happy Campers about two years ago and asked him the same question. This was a small local business in Oregon, he was very
    helpful! He said one scoop per tank, even our smaller ones. I mix a scoop in a small quart pitcher of water, then pour one in the black tank via a flush, and another half down the kitchen sink and half down the shower drain. 

    Do any of you remember when it disappeared off Amazon for a bit? I called again, spoke with another guy, also nice, who apologized for lack of product but the owner had passed away suddenly and they were trying to keep things going while grieving his death. He promised they were still in business and more product would be available. I love supporting a small local business! 
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