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Some of you may have seen my post on the Tab FB group. My appt. was set for June 15 to be in Mississippi for the walk through and purchase of my 2020 Tab 400. The dealer called me today to tell me that it was basically totaled from a storm last night. Front window bashed out, dent by the door, and bent frame. It rolled 30 feet and slammed into another camper. She said I could purchase a 2021 and just pay the difference, but that would be out of my price range. (they were giving me a good deal on the 2020). I asked her to contact Nucamp to see if they had any at the factory. Now what?? I've already sent them $1,000 deposit. 


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    IMHO, don't accept a  repaired trailer, demand a full refund.
    Seller can no longer provide unit you paid a deposit on.
    Be strong, contact BBB if dealer is not going to do the right thing.

    Then start searching again for a 2020 model if that is your ideal.
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    Thank you! The lady has been very nice and I told her I didn't want a damaged camper. I'm not set on a 2020. Okay, that's what I was thinking about the deposit. I'll start looking again. :|
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    The dealer insurance should cover the flooring loss and probably will be a totaled unit. See if they can get you another, if not refund deposit and look for another elsewhere. You should not be obligated financially in any way.
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    Huge bummer, sorry to hear that! 

    A responsible, ethical dealer will refund your deposit ASAP if they don’t have an equivalent unit to offer. A GOOD dealer would offer you a significant discount on the 2021–I ran into an odd problem during my purchase last year, and my dealer bent over backward to get me into a similar trailer at the right price. It might be worth your while to offer a compromise where you split the price difference between your contracted unit and the 2021?

    But if money’s too tight for that, keep looking. The right unit for you will come along eventually.
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    I hate that this happened to you. Unfortunately, it's a seller's market right now and you might not find dealers willing to budge much on price.

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    Wow...very sorry to hear that @jenniferlzr...but I suppose you could look on the bright was in their lot, not in your driveway. 

    Agree with the above. Any reputable dealer will refund 100% at a minimum. I'd like to think they would make you an offer on a 21 where you didn't pay the entire delta btwn the 20 and 21.

    Speak with the GM of the dealership directly, not sales person. Typically the old attage in negotiations is always true, " He who names the first price, loses."

    Ask them first what they will do for you. Let them name their "price" first. They may ( or may not) surprise you. But, in any event, you should not, under any circumstances, suffer $0.01 of financial loss.

    Good luck! No doubt you'll find another "Goldilocks" out there. 
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