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Hello all! We are about to take the plunge on buying a new 2021 TAB ([email protected] :-) 320 S. Here’s what we are thinking and would appreciate any comments that people might share, especially on options if we are indeed able to build what we want:

We are buying without trying - there are no units near us, especially 2021, for easy access. After searching for what would fit for us, we think the nuCamp 320 would be the right balance. We did look in person at camper vans recently so have at least been thinking about kitchen, sleeping space, storage, overall size. Yes, I know this might sound a little crazy but we’re motivated :-)

CS-S vs S: We had been leaning toward the CS-S, like the outdoor more social kitchen, and the thread here about choosing between the two was really helpful. We live in Northern CA where it can be pretty cool/windy in summer evenings or near the ocean, so the S option, cook indoors w/outdoors still available via our current camp stove + fire seems like the best choice. We also are concerned about storage and sleep space (I’m 5’11 so would appreciate the option for sleeping either direction) and think the S may be the best tradeoff for us there.

Boondock package: We are buying the 320 because it is one of the few non-popup campers that will fit under a 97” carport. The Boondock is spec’d at 96” - I’m interested in it but that’s too close for comfort. I have not been able to get any info on how conservative that spec is - whether it’s actually a little less or could be a little more. Absent more info, we will get the non-Boondock version and add solar as an option.

Other options, if possible
• No microwave - doesn’t feel useful and would prefer to have the storage (mini pantry :-) … downside of resale value issue?
- Upgraded fan - rain sensor, more speeds
- Lighting - checking what’s included and if can add any eg “porch” lighting
- Battery - plan to talk to the dealer re a higher capacity battery

If you have suggestions of other things you know the factory can do, I’d be interested. I am excited by all the customization work I see people doing and will want to explore that over time, but start with a base that meets our needs.

Looking forward to being part of the nuCamp community.

- Alex


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    I bought my 2015 without ever seeing one I person. I did get to see the 2021 models before I ordered, though.

    The one thing I would be concorned about would be the kitchen height in a Boondock for a CS model. 

    A porch and steo light are both included in the 2021 models.

    I did order the microwave and am glad I did. I didn't think I would use but havelareadya couple of times. When not I  use, it stores the bread and chips.

    The front spare tire mount for the boondock is pretty nice Nd am glad I ordered it.

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    @Alex_Outdoors congratulations on your progress! Here’s my thoughts. 
    -Clearance- I have the 2017 320S and have exactly 1.5” clearance top to bottom into my shed. I haven’t hit any headers yet! That said, if you change out the fan you might also be adding height if the new cover is taller. I stay with my stock Fantastic Fan for this reason.
    -Battery- I paid the difference and upgraded to a group 27 before I took delivery. Way back then finding a new Tab was scarce so I ordered mine and got what I wanted. It’s still going strong! 
    - S vs CS-S- I love the clamshell concept however I wanted the options for different situations. I love my 320-S, and can still cook outside with my old camping gear. I can also cook inside if I want.
    - I prefer the U shaped dinette of the S model.
    -I don’t really need the added height of a Boondock model and am happy with mine. 
    -never have taken a microwave, never missed it!
    - rooftop solar wasn’t really around then. I do have a 120w ACOPOWER solar suitcase that weighs just over 8# that meets my needs. 
    - I moved the spare to the tongue. Good move!

    I hope this helps some. You’ve really narrowed down how you camp and what you want, a very good thing! Once you take delivery... let the mods begin! I look forward to seeing your new Tab pic here someday!

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    @Alex_Outdoors aside the options I can't stress enough the importance of spending at least half an hour in one and see how it "feels", if there are none at the dealers find an owner near by and go see it and talk to the owners. I am sure there are many here that bought it site unseen and are still enjoying it but there are many more who bought and sold after a year, impulse buy or a bad fit?
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    We wanted a 320, but had never seen one in the wild.  As webers3 said, we wanted to get the feel of one.

    Believe it or not, there were no local dealers in FL that had any new or used ones on their lots.  Weren't any used ones for private sales either. 

    I posted on this site and a couple of FB groups to see if there were any owners nearby that would be willing to show us what a 320 looked like in person.

    One couple replied and invited us to stop by and look at their 320.

    That was a big help in deciding if a 320 was for us.
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    Good luck with that given the current situation? 
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    Our dealer in Ontario has sold all of his trailers...except 2 ...he started with 23!..lots of [email protected], 400's And [email protected] his next order is due in mid August...crazy year...
  • Alex_OutdoorsAlex_Outdoors Member Posts: 3
    Thanks everyone!

    Calling across the western region, there are almost no 2021s to be found. Build dates run from Sept-December. I am choosing to drive for an earlier build date, and enjoy a slow trip home.

    I spoke with nuCamp customer service and they helped me clarify that as the company has grown, it's no longer possible to do customization beyond the standard items. It sounds like your dealer can try to get the repair/mods department to do things but I've decided we would keep with something stock and modify later if needed. And I know that's part of the fun too ;-)

    Decided to keep the microwave in for now and use as a mini pantry as @jkjenn
    did and remove later if we decide we prefer the space to the microwave.

    Thanks again - Alex
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    @Alex_Outdoors We have had our 2021 320S Boondock for two months. Just measured it and seems that the height is just about spot on at 96 inches. Got ours off the lot and it had the microwave, which has come in handy for us a couple times. 

    Purchased at Haydocy Airstream in Columbus and they still have units ( they are a big dealer ). Only 2,000 miles away from you lol. 

    We watched all the walk-through videos available before we visited the dealer and kicked the tires. Would advise that the way the videos are shot, they make the camper look a little bigger than it actually is. We sat in it and moved the seats, bed and Lagun table around and believed it would work. Also looked at the 400 , but felt it was too big for us first-timers. As we have camped, have gotten used to the 320 and really love the size. Easy to tow and park, and enough space inside at bedtime. I’m 6 foot and DW is 5’7” and there is enough room. Made a modification in the woodshop to extend the bed toward the frig which has worked out nicely (will post pics in “modification” category tomorrow).

    Will probably have the fantastic fan with rain sensor added by the dealer in the fall sometime. Maybe the battery monitor or shunt.

    Good luck with the order and delivery. Hope that the supply chain cooperates and that you get it early.
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    We live in the Pacific Northwest (Bainbridge Island) and went with the Boondock because as you mentioned strong winds and rainy evenings made outside cooking less appealing. We have camped at the coast and did like the option for inside cooking when the wind was whipping by at 30 mph. We only cook inside when absolutely necessary and find the camp stove on the outside table to be a good option. I keep a small cooking tote with everything I need and take it out to the cooking area. It was a difficult choice because the CS-S outdoor cooking space was lovely but so much of our camping here is in cooler windier weather so the inside option made November-April camping more comfortable.
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