Rumors of A 400 - Avia “In Between” Model?

I’ve heard a rumor that NuCamp is working on a prototype for a trailer that fits between the 400 and the Avia.  Anyone else hearing this?  That would be an exciting development!
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  • Denny16Denny16 Member Posts: 3,013
    That is a rumor and idea hat has been batted back and forth during the last year.  As far as I know, it is just that, and nüCamp has not made any announcements about a new larger TaB or smaller Avia.  But if one is in development, we will not know until it gets officially announced.
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  • MuttonChopsMuttonChops Member Posts: 911
    I'm in the group that wishes / hopes for a model between the 320S and 400

    Just a bit more space while nearly as easy to tow/move/store as a 320S

    Of course with 'old style light cabinets', no Air8, no uWave, and a black water tank . . . guess I'm old-school
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  • webers3webers3 Member Posts: 218
    400 getting too cramped for ya?
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    webers3 said:
    400 getting too cramped for ya?
    Not at all, but an option for 400 owners to move up to a slightly larger trailer and stay within the NüCamp family would be ideal.  There is a big gap between a 400 and the Avia.  There will come a day that we may want a walk-around bed or one with a bit more room.
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  • manyman297manyman297 Member Posts: 173
    I would hope they make a “mini” Avia vs. a larger 400 (like the 510 in Europe). I feel like the 400 is about as big as it can get for a teardrop before it starts to look awkward. To me the LG Max, while bigger, really doesn’t say “teardrop” because it’s so massive. A smaller Avia would be pretty cool.
  • Denny16Denny16 Member Posts: 3,013
    The TaB 510XL looks more like a stretched TaB with dual axles, than it does an Avia.  The 510 was 22-feet long including the tongue, compared to the 400’s 18-foot length.  Here is a photo of one:

    It has a similar layout to a 400 but with a side dinette, and the extra length was used at the front to add bunk beds.  This,was promoted as a family, with young children, style camper.   I would like a floor plan with the front dinette and the extra length used for twin beds in the back, that convert into a full Queen size bed, so you have the option, and no more crawling over your partner to get out.
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  • trimtabtrimtab Member Posts: 201
    Does that TV come with it? :)
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    I wouldn't expect it many time soon. They are likely very focused on trying to build the trailers they have and get the Barefoot out the door while balancing the craziest RV supply chain in history.

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  • B0atguyB0atguy Member Posts: 160
    How we wish NuCamp made something like a mini Avia , 500 , 600 , etc . 
    After loving our 320 and want to upsize some , and we dont like the sideways sleeping of the 400 .....we are basically pushed out of the NuCamp family  :|
    After being spoiled with the NuCamp quality has been VERY HARD to find another RV that comes close ! Besides a 100k Airstream , or 65K+ Lance , we are stuck with "any other RV manufacturer" quality wise . We would be buyers for a mini Avia in the 40k range , but none exists sadly . 
    So for now ........ the NuCamp ship has "sailed"  for us . Just sold our 320 today , and picking up our new Keystone RV in about 2 weeks . We are also Keystone RV owners (also just sold) , so we were happy enough to buy another Keystone . Would have been happier to buy another NuCamp though ! Something around the 24' -26' range and about 5k lbs dry would be great . We could have been persuaded to make the jump to an Avia , but they are just about impossible to find anyway . 

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  • monamona Member Posts: 182
    Redesigned smaller Avia😉

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  • PhotomomPhotomom Member Posts: 2,214
    Make a trailer with real twin beds like Oliver has and enough standing height for a 6’5” dude and I’m interested...
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    @Photomom And I thought I had to crouch to shower in a [email protected]
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