Blow out question

When you blow out the TaB plumbing, do you have the Alde tank drain and low point drains closed?  I ask because the Nautilus instructions indicate to leave them open until after the blow out.  Seems like you would divert air flow.
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    I don't have the Nautilus, but I leave all the valves/faucets/showers closed and open then close them one by one.  I open the low point and Alde tank valves last.
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    I believe you want the air to blow out any water through the low point drains so these lines are clear. The rest of the lines will be filled with AF. Notice the Nautilus procedure doesn't mention allowing AF to run through the low point drains. I assume this is because you have already blown them out.
    My confusion is the last step (P2.5 manual) that states to "Disconnect garden hose from "CITY WATER"
    inlet". There is no hose connected to the "CITY WATER" at this point in the procedure so I assume this is a typo and should say remove the hose from the "WINTERIZE" connection.

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    @Da_Birds - opening up a faucet should allow the water to exit the faucet.  Sounds reasonable that leaving the low point drains open will allow residual water to exit.  I guess I am just used to opening only 1 outlet at a time.  I suppose if you have enough airflow you can leave the low point drain open while blowing. 

    Regarding the final step, I agree that is a typo.  
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