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Hi Everyone,

I'd been researching and shopping around for tires. I have a 2018 TAB 400 (Non-boondock. From what I found, great tire options are Maxxis and Goodyear. 

My current tires have the following specs:
ST205 / 75R15
Load range: C 
Max load 18020 lbs.

My question is, would it be possible to install the Goodyear that has a higher load range?

My current tire's load range is C with a max load of 18020 lbs. The Goodyear that I'm looking for has a load range "D" with max load of 2150 lbs

Will the higher load range and capacity be a problem for the axles, fitting, etc.?

This is the tire that I'm considering.

Thank you.
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    @dyuri… I believe this is a pretty common replacement tire. I put those same tires on my 2018 tab 400 (non-boondock) a couple of months ago. I think the difference in load range is a difference in the construction of the tire. I don’t think there is any significant difference in the size of the tire which would lead to any clearance issues. Good luck!

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    I changed to the D rated Goodyear endurance tires three years ago on my 2018 400 and they have performed without issues for 20,000 miles on the first set and I just completed a 8500 mile trip on the second set. I purchased a second set before the last big trip just in case not due to need. I had the first set mounted as spare tires (purchased a new matching alloy wheel to go along with the steel spare wheel). I took both spares on the last trip as I was going to some remote areas and wanted extra insurance. Didn’t need either spare but the piece of mind was good as we had a tight schedule. 
    I would highly recommend the Goodyears. I inflate to 62 psi cold to get the full load rating and the ride is smooth. 
    Take care.
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    NuCamp recommends staying with the original load range and inflation pressure. I know it is common to step up one rating from C to D... but I don't think it's a good idea. 
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    @YanniLazarus…do you know what the thinking is behind that recommendation?

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    Honestly, not exactly!   This is the email I got from NuCamp in response to your question about Endurance tires:

    Hi Steven!

    ​All we recommend is that your replacement tires be the same specifications as the factory ones. The PSI we suggest will be posted on the VIN sticker on the sidewall of the unit. 

    Best Regards,
    Creed Hostetler

    So, us researchers are left with drawing our own conclusions.  

    First, manufacturers recommend inflating ST tires to their maximum pressure. Period.  This is different from car and truck tires which have a pressure range. The sidewalls on ST tires are stiff, and require full pressure to perform- and to last.  So, if you go to a D tire instead of a C tire you are upping the psi from 50 to 65.  So?

    Second, your tires (and their flexing characteristics) are a significant part of your suspension.  Higher load rated tires are stiffer, and that means more impact load to your [email protected]

    Third, Goodyear brags about how stiff the Endurance tire is. Given the comments above, does it make sense to buy a particularly stiff tire with a higher load rating than specified as well? 

    I understand the attraction that Endurance tires have and they would be on my 320S (non- boondock) IF available in a C rated tire.   But alas...no, so I somewhat reluctantly recently put C rated Carlisle ST tires on.   Note that these tires, while C rated and calling for 50 psi, have a MUCH higher speed rating than any other C ST tire I could find... and, sorry- made in China. Best alternative I could find. 
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