Viewing the TaB Rear end while towing

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Does anyone have any ideas or tricks for finding the end of the [email protected] 400 while towing. We are new at this and trying to adjust to the size behind us. Thought it would be easier with some kind of marker.

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    Open the window shades (should not be pulled down anyway whilst towing) and you can see through the front window and out the back window through your rear view mirror.  I use side mirrors to see the trailer and its rear end, whilst making a turn.
    The trailer adds 18-feet to your vehicle total length.  Just be aware of this when turning corners and go wide a little to get the trailer to clear.
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    Yes open the front and rear shades and it gives you a decent view behind you. I only discovered this by accident this year when dealer left them down when I picked up my new 400. What a difference and I've been towing blind for four years with my 2019. 
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    Construction vehicles often feature a pair of 1.3 SF orange safety flags bolted or ziptied at rear to project four or six inches to each side.  Aids operator with assessing clearance at rear via side mirrors. 

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    The flags are normally used for wide load rigs, when transporting large construction equipment.  
    2018 TaB400 Custom Boondock,  Jeep Gladiator truck, Northern California Coast.
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    I put a Garmin back-up camera on my 320. It displays on my Garmin RV GPS. It allows you to calibrate all the guide lines on the display. I laid out 2x4s on the floor of my garage to set the [email protected] width and rear on the display.
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    We have towed trailers for years and never felt a need to see directly behind the trailer when going down the road.  The side mirrors have always been adequate.  Better to keep eyes on what's in front.

    Now if you are backing up, and by yourself, that's another story.  I get out often to take a look, and watch those tree branches up high.


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