Trash liner for small door trash can

I had been using Walmart bags as liners for the door mounted trash can on my 2022 [email protected] 400 which was just OK, but stumbled across these.  I had purchased a roll of clear produce bags a couple of years ago for putting in veggies from our CSA and we just happened to try it in the trash can, it is a really nice fit!  When bottomed out it is about 3" taller than the can.  The exact one I purchased in 2020 is no longer available, but it is a 12"x20" produce bag similar to this one:"x20"+produce&qid=1659490666&sr=8-6&th=1

It would be nice if you couldn't see the crap in there, but it is kind of non-clear to take the edge off.

Hangs over a little (you can do the magnet mod in another thread) but it stays put pretty good without too much plastic protruding.

2022 [email protected] 400 Boondock
2015 RAM 1500 Outdoorsman Quad Cab
South Jersey


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