Did You Purchase a Tab400 instead of an inTech SOL design ?

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As noted in other posts I'm in the daydreaming what-if'ing stage of getting a larger rig than my current 320S.

At this time the Tab 400 and inTech SOL Dawn are at the top of my short list.

Of course only the nuCamp product has an Alde System (which I love) while inTech has a few design/materials differences that are very interesting/tempting.

So did you purchase a 400 after considering the SOL?
And if so, what was your reason?

I fully understand that purchasing a trailer is a personal and sometimes emotional choice.
That said, you might have considered some rig feature or lack of that I have so not considered.

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  • berggerbergger Member Posts: 723
    We did look at the Sol Horizon but went with the 400.  The Horizon is a very nice trailer but we liked several things in the 400 better.  First is the overall aesthetics and warmer feel of the 400.  We like the mix of wood and fabric.  The Horizon has a colder feel to it.  Also we liked the bathroom much better in the 400 along with the larger counter space in the kitchen area of the 400.  The horizon has really no counter space unless you use the sink cover.   We also did not like the sink right next to the bed.  There is no separation and might be the potential for water or food scraps to splash onto the bed.  IMO they should flip the design like the 400.  The dinette in the Horizon was definitely larger which is nice but with just the two of us we felt it was over kill and took up space that could have been used in other areas, like was done in the 400 (bathroom and counter space).  We did like the awning on the Horizon and wish the 400 could have something like that.  We are not fans of keder style awnings.  Maybe someday the [email protected] 500 will have enough space for one!  Both are very nice trailers but after getting into both we really liked the 400 better.  You'll just have to spend some time in both and see which one feels and functions better for you.  And did I mention the bathroom in the 400.  =)  Best and driest wet bath in any trailer I've seen.   
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    Well, close.  We purchased a Tab 320BD after admiring the In-tech Solo Dawn for over a year.  We could not get over the poor lounging (reading, watching tv, etc) comfort of the Tab 400 nor its crawl-over bed situation, so in the end it was not considered.

    Although an incredibly nifty design, the 320 is too tiny for extended stays a destination, especially the bathroom.  But for travel about the country, which is why we have a travel trailer, for us it is hard to beat. The Alde heating/water heater, cassette toilet, decent grey tank, compressor refrigerator, excellent lounging comfort, twin bed sleeping option, lightweight aerodynamic design make it a great touring camper.

    If we wanted more space (and we often do) we would choose the very spacious Sol Dawn before the Tab 400.  I can live with the fridge and forced air heat, but really, really dislike the combo black/grey tank.  I really, really like the cassette/separate grey tank of our Tab 320.

    For now, we'll stick with the Tab 320 BD, it works exceptionally well for what we do.  If our needs change we'll look around, with an eye for the very aerodynamic Airstream 16, which is sized between Tab 320 and Sol Dawn.  All three have the similar, terrific interior layout.
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    We considered the sol horizon (keep in mind there’s also the dawn and eclipse models) but weight was a huge factor. We also had no dealers near us to actually sit in one.

    I’ve heard mixed feedback on quality but then again, our 400 has had issues too. They’re way bigger than a 400. More primitive systems in it which can be a good thing for maintenance but not so great when it comes to overall comfort. If you want more room then the horizon is the way to go. Plus that front window looks impressive. I also like the outdoor stove and fridge.
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    (3!) Year's ago we set out to look at RV's. At the time we were in a big pop-up camper and ready for a change. DH had been researching rigs and had his eye on the Sol Horizon; I knew nothing about campers and was along for the ride. When we walked into the showroom, he went to the left into the Horizon. I followed with our grandson and didn't see which way he went and turned to the right, into the Tab400. I fell in love immediately. The quality was incredible, especially compared to any camper we had ever been in or owned. He found me and took me back to the Horizon but it left me wanting. I did not like the bluish lighting or the bathroom. The front window was great and the quality seemed nice but it just felt like 'another RV'. I took him back to the Tab400 and it won him over as well. 

    We did look through the 320 and we almost chose that over the 400. In the end I think we made the best choice. The 400 has just enough room for little grandkids to sit and color at the table while I cook and has been enough for us. I wish I didn't have to climb over DH in the bed, but it keeps us close! haha.   

    (I imagine I have told this before but it is a good memory for us. Interesting how life takes its twists and turns and gets you right where you need to be... :)

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    kottum said:
    . . . purchased a Tab 320BD . . . could not get over the poor lounging (reading, watching tv, etc) comfort of the Tab 400 . . .

    That is my major issue with the 400 and while the 2023 with lagun table is better it still does not have the comfort level of the 320S.  When using the trailer for an urban motel room I spend lots of hours lounging inside.

    Even the Sol Dawn is not as lounging friendly but is better than the 400.

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  • BinghiBinghi Member Posts: 150
    I don’t have a problem hanging out at our 2021 BD 400 dinette table, long legs and all. I just park myself on the driver’s side, which gives you a little more room.
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    Oh and Walter, our mini-Schnauzer, fits quite nicely between me and the front wall.
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  • manyman297manyman297 Member Posts: 847
    The dinette on our 2021 400 is my favorite spot. I could sit there for hours as long as the view was nice.
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    @MuttonChops I know you do your research well, but have you read the Sol owners forums to compare issues like big ticket maintenance, etc. I didn’t have to spend real money on repairs in my 320S until late in my fifth year. And yes, I love my Alde! 
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    8mseco d what bergger said.  Looked at the Sol Horizon and the 320, them we bought the 400, best choice of the lot for same reasons bergger outlined above.
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