Tab400 Alde convectors removal and upgrade

Has anyone removed all the convectors in a 400?  I am interested since there is a way to avoid the corrosion issue, but it requires removal of all the convectors to "paint" the connection ends.    Thanks


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    Getting to the rear convectors is easy, remove the rear bunk panels next to the back of the trailer, and you can see the convectors.  The front convector is accessible by removing the front cover under the dining table.  The issue is going to be getting access to the two convectors under the front side portholes and the convector under the galley, behind the bottom cabinets.  These convectors are installed before the outside wall panels are installed, once the sides are in, access is going to require disassembly of the inside panels.  The convector that is really hard to access to is under the shower pan floor!  Additionally, there is a hose to stainless pipe connection under the main door threshold, but it’s stainless steel, so not likely to corrode anyway. 

    The only reports of corrosion on the Alde pipes seems to be in the TaBs built before 2018 and is a few 320s.  The TaB400 came out in 2018, and I have not seen any reports of issues with the Alde convectors in the 400s.  Keep the glycol transfer fluid changed, and change over to Rhomar and you should be good to go.  You can use the convector connection under the galley sink to see if there is an issue.  

    Here is a photo of a 2018/2019 TaB 400, showing the galley convector location during the facotry build:

    The galley convector is circled in red.  There is a plywood divider in front of this to create a back to the cabinet under the counter.  The right end of the convector is under the sink, and is accessible by removing the under sink shelf.
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    Those  hoses that attach to the connector with a sharp bend are most prone.  If you can get eyes on the difficult to reach convectors you could skip those if they are a straight run.

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