Hello from Idaho~

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Loving our new 2023 T@B 320 BD.  Never had a camper before so we're super excited!


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    Welcome and congratulations! You will find lots of support and answers here so if any questions ask away. And happy camping!

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    Welcome!  Lots of first time camper owners here.  
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    @JCPCA welcome and congratulations on your trailer. Always great to have you aboard. Adventures await and happy t@bbing!
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    Welcome to the Tab family! Your picture looks like southern Idaho somewhere. I’m currently camping with friends at Priest Lake. If you’re ever up north the second Saturday of the month October through May, we have a SpoTab breakfast and would like you to have you join us! There’s a post here on the forum. Enjoy your journey!
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    Thanks everyone!  I actually do have a question... the dealer is 5hrs away and I can't get the rear propane quick connect to work...i bought a hose from amazon but it doesn't seem to deliver the gas to the stove! :(
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    @JCPCA, the gas port is regulated (low pressure). If your stove already has a regulator doubling up on regulators will make the pressure too low. If that's the case, can you bypass the stove regulator?
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    From personal experience, it doesn’t always work to just remove the stove regulator. Although all stoves are “low pressure” and use a regulator, most camp stoves run at a higher pressure than that provided through the regulator on the trailer.

    Think about the “hiss” of most camp stoves and the small sharp flame vs the softer larger quiet flame that comes from the stovetop burners inside. You will need a camp stove that uses the lower pressure or you will end up with a tiny flame that doesn’t do much. I tried this with my GSI Selkirk stove and it did not work. 

    The only stove that I know about that will work is the Camp Chef Ranger. There are some Australian stoves that work but getting one and trying to find parts might be difficult. Blackstone grills work as do others. There is a decent thread on this on one of other trailer forums but I can’t remember which one, maybe Forest River. 

    It’s hard to find out exactly which stove uses the pressure provided by the trailer regulator. And low pressure stoves are more susceptible to getting blown out by wind - which isn’t an issue w the inside tabletop burners. 
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