ANOTHER Alde Hot Water Thread

We have been heavy users for more than five years. Recently, we can’t get hot water for more than 30 seconds. It’s very hot, but then cools starts running and the hot doesn’t return.

I have the mixing valve all the way to max +. (Yes, I removed the screw and turned it past the stop). On the menu on my digital screen, I pressed the hot water selection so that the triangle is full dark. And yes, electric is set to max and propane is on.

This worked for us thru many navy showers for two people for years. And now it doesn’t.

The Alde kept us toasty last night when the outside temps dipped to near freezing, so it’s working.

Footnote: I recently drained (actually sucked with a shop vac) and refilled the Alde glycol. When it was empty I checked all the fittings, removed the corrosion and re-attached all the hoses using screw-type hose clamps. As I said, the Alde is heating and is full of new glycol.
2018 T@B 320S. 2017 Toyota Highlander AWD


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