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We’re storing our 320 camper in a shed with concrete floor. Any ideas on how to keep mice from making it theirs?


  • marleecampsmarleecamps Member Posts: 128
    I place dryer sheets all over - the floors, cabinets, cushions, etc.  Plus, my storage guy has a dozen barn cats who do a nice job keeping it rodent free.  Three winters, not a dropping.
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    Same storage environment as you and same concern. When the cooler weather hits we find the mice try to find a warm home. We put one of these Ultrasonic Pest Repeller's in our 320S and one in the garage it's stored in. It might just be that we now have less mouse problems than previously, but since using these there has been no evidence of the critters. Probably just fooling myself thinking that they work. =)

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    An old timer told me Irish Spring bar soap works, I cut a bath bar into pieces and place them around inside. Seems to work.
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    FWIW, I live in mouse country and have done none of the above for the past eight winters. Experience tells me exclusion is the only real way to prevent invasion. I've been over every inch of my trailer and am satisfied there are no critter sized openings (however small). If I had found one I would have stuffed it with copper mesh. This is on a 2015 320--I don't know if things have changed over the years and models, so YMMV.
    The one thing I have done in some years is stuff some mesh into the open ends of the plastic trim under the trailer. The hollow trim makes a pretty inviting mouse run. Regardless, even if "guests" did get under the trim, they would still be outside the cabin.
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    I’ve I’ve had mice in the front tub. Putting lights under the camper and a battery powered sonic repeller in the tub seems to help. 
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