Fridge not working on propane--discontinued parts to repair--new fridge options?

Hello--my 2017 Tab 320S 3-way fridge stopped working on propane--still works on electric if I'm in a campground.  Finally found a tech that was a referral & bonus--has done training with Nucamp.  He has determined that the thermocouple is bad.  Nucamp told him that the part for my fridge is discontinued/or they no longer carry it.  He has tried for 2 days to contact Norcold directly--they are not answering their phones. 
Has anyone replaced their older 3-way fridge with one of the new 2 way fridges?  Costs?  My repair tech praises the new fridges--however, how much solar/battery do I to need to use it? 50% of the time I go boondocking for 5-7 days at a time.

Frustrating when older units can't get replacement parts or information directly from Norcold.    

2016 Nissan Frontier SV V6 4x4
Finally!  New Owner of a 2017 Tab 320S! 


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