Tab 320 CS-S - Bed size 58 X 70 what sheets?

We are picking up our new to us tab in 2 weeks. Gathering supplies. Curent owner says bed area is 58 x 70. What size sheets will fit that? 


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    Maxcamp8Maxcamp8 Member Posts: 241
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    Not sure, but another approach to consider:  You might consider using one of the online outfits that custom sews a bottom/top sheet and cover quilt as a unit, to custom size.  After numerous trips with loose and then self -stitched standard sized assemblies we ordered one custom sized and are thrilled at the ease of making up bed daily and keeping covers tucked in without dreaded  'mummy wrap' or 'cold shoulder.'
    Our 320s plywood bed deck is 70x73.  Vendor adjusts for mattress thickness and tucking in.  We were using huge king sized bedding for tucking in, very ungainly.

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    Sharon_is_SAMSharon_is_SAM Administrator Posts: 9,582
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    A short Queen RV sheets should fit.  We use regular Queen with a very heavy mattress pad and they fit.  Just Google Short Queen RV sheets - lots of choices.
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    BillCBBillCB Member Posts: 8
    We use queen sheets under us and a duvet on top.
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    rfuss928rfuss928 Member Posts: 951
    A standard full size bed is 54x75.  We used standard full size bed sheet sets for years in our 2009 CS,  The fitted sheet kept our memory foam topper in place over the cushions.  Top sheet and comforter have plenty of width and a little extra length.  

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    frogloverfroglover Member Posts: 2
    Some use the RV queen and others use full size. I guess it might depend on the thickness of the topper as to which is the better choice?
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    acer211acer211 Member Posts: 2
    We use this topper (I removed from cover to notch around the bathroom and put cover back on) and these sheets:


    The topper can be rolled under the cabinets to use the table, but I usually just leave it in bed mode. 
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    ColleenD2ColleenD2 Member Posts: 430
    And congrats on your new T@B!
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    MickerlyMickerly Member Posts: 369
    We took an odd tack. We have an old coleman sleeping bag, unzipped and layed flat. We put it in a duvet cover from IKEA. That covers the seat cushions perfectly. We use one loose, queen size sheet. If we need more, we have two full size blankets. Nothing is tucked in. The sheets and blankets fold and stuff into the shelf above the pass-through cabinets when we need to clean up for guests.
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    alexreinhardt98alexreinhardt98 Member Posts: 2
    I got a 3" "short queen" foam topper and cut to size. Regular queen sheets fit pretty well over both the topper and dinette cushions
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    SlackersSlackers Member Posts: 427
    We recently purchased a full sized 3" in memory foam topper. It's just slightly too long and a few inches too narrow for the short queen bed. However, we sleep wheel to wheel so the length of the topper squeezes in nicely in that direction and we move the side of the topper to the forward edge of the bed so the gap is under the rear cabinets (where you don't really want to be). With this setup, a full-sized fitted sheet can be used on the topper and any sized sheet & cover from full to regular queen can be used.  For the record our top sheet, blanket, and quilt are regular queen sized.
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