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My glycol in my 2023 Tab 400 will go from above minimum to down in the neck in just a few days whether or not I am using it. Just had it at Nucamp to check and they could find no evidence of a leak. They had it overnight and it didn’t go down that quickly but 2 days later it was down again. Do I just carry a jug of glycol with me and hope there isn’t a leak?  I’m camping on grass/gravel so hard to see if a leak/overflow anywhere. Might put something under it when I get home to help me better see if something is dripping out.  I’ve checked around the Alde and expansion cap areas but no sign of anything. At UCamp this week so will try to corner one of Truma guys. Any other ideas? 


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    ScottGScottG Administrator Posts: 5,501
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    It's very unlikely that amount of glycol would be evaporating or otherwise disappearing from the system without a leak or overflow. If there is no evidence of glycol dripping or puddling in or under the trailer, it's possible there is a breach in the boiler core allowing glycol to seep into the adjacent propane burner or hot water chambers. Such leaks are rare, but there have been a few instances reported as of late.
    Leaks into the hot water chamber may reverse when the system is in use. Pressurized water from the hot water chamber is forced into the glycol chamber. This causes the level in the glycol expansion tank to rise, rather than fall.
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    Sharon_is_SAMSharon_is_SAM Administrator Posts: 9,582
    Take a photo of the glycol left in the reservoir and compare it to fresh glycol.  If it is mixing in the Alde water chamber, it will appear lighter in color (dilute).
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    swiftwaveswiftwave Member Posts: 35
    When glycol has leaked into the propane burner chamber, there will likely be a lot of smoke and steam coming out of the exhaust, especially upon first ignition after a significant drop in the glycol reservoir.
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