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In an effort to reduce duplicate postings on the forum we ask that members please use the search function that is located in the right-hand side of the forum (as shown below) when looking for information regarding [email protected] units and associated info.  We are getting a ton of duplicate postings and ask that you try searching the forum first and as follows:

1.  To yield the best results, type in a "one word" search query. 
2.  If the first (one word) search does not yield results, try using a topic specific word or similar word as persistence does pay off and helps eliminate the posting of duplicate questions on the forum.

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    There is another way to search the forum using Google.  Let's say I wanted to search for appearances of 3 amp fuses.  I would go to Google in another browser session and type the following:

    3 amp fuse site:http://tab-rv.vanillaforums.com/discussion/

    I would get a list of the forum discussions that 3 amp fuses were mentioned. 
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    I've never included http://www.
    Maybe Google doesn't care.

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    @ChanW , for decades, you've been able to do searches without adding the "www" (remember the all the search engines before Yahoo and Google?). That said, there are some sites that really don't start with "www" (like our lovely tab-rv-vanillaforums), so putting it in could mess up Google search; and other sites actually start with "https//:" and that could throw off the google search as well. It's such a good fuzzy search engine, I think it ignores most errors (and even some of my oopsie typos!)
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    OK, the Vanilla software has been upgraded to a "better" search engine. It's a free upgrade so you can use what you prefer. 

    In my one search of "3 amp fuse", there was only one page of found occurances. On the LG forum, a search of "30 amp fuse" gave me 20 pages, but it told me there were 20 pages, which is better. It picked up occurances of amp, as in Zamp, other occurances of fuse, but it did not pick up every occurance of 30, unless that is on the18 pages I didn't look at.

    If you don't like this upgraded search on the forum, don't use it, just use the Google. This is the only free upgrade that Mike and I could get. 
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