I'm All In.......Spouse..not so much

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So I pulled the trigger and bought a 2017 Sofitel.   My wife thought it was cute and sexy.   So here's the rub.   I'm all about outdoors and her definition of roughing it is holiday inn without room service.  I've read all the other posts for how to make this work when you have 2 differing views of fun.    So I want to show her the best out of the gate.  She is totally onboard with the adventures that we can have......but she wonders why we just don't buy a place at the beach.   I think I know the answer but would appreciate insights from those that have come before us.   
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Mabel is my great grandmother that I never knew.  She took her 3 sons (ages 8-2) on an epic adventure from Alabama to Florida in the 1930's in the back of a pick up truck, so I figured - why not name my adventures after her?  After all - I named my female English springer spaniel after my mother.   Might as well go for broke with the brownie points in Heaven!   
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    Just giving a big WAR EAGLE back!!

    I have a hubbie that is not all in either. (he's a fan of that "other" school too, so whaddya expect :) ), but anywho, for the trips that I bring him along, I make sure the camping facilities are top notch, super clean, and have plenty for him to do. I am a bit more of a camping person, so I don't mind grass sites, long distances to the bath house, and not much to do but sit in a chair and contemplate the quiet. However, with hubby along, I make sure there are asphalt campsites, super clean bath houses, and the site close enough to the bath house, and good fishing nearby, or plenty of activities in town.
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    I was not a camper, at all, until I started visiting the Southwest and saw how beautiful everything was and how much more enjoyable it was to experience it up close, rather commuting. It's hard to replace the quiet of a campground where you fall asleep to rushing rivers and crickets and wake to birds. If it were me and I was trying to create a winning experience, I would plan an early trip to some very scenic locations and campgrounds with great views.

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    LOL...My husband is the exact same way.  We have a cottage, and for him, that's perfect.  I like to go places and see new things.  So, if he wasn't going to take a vacation with me (and camp) every year, then I wanted a trailer so I could go by myself.  He actually has been very supportive.  What I've done to encourage him to join us is plan vacations with something he really loves: curvy motorcycle roads.  He loves to ride.  So, I can say things like, "Hey, this place has an observatory and cool desert stuff. And, oh....take a look at this road!"  :)

    Something for everyone.  Some campgrounds have hot tubs and such.  Maybe your wife would like something like that?
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    So thats why you got a Ridgeline. Bike in the back, clever. As far as convincing someone to go camping instead of a cottage, for us it is an age thing. If you get a cottage it usually is a lifelong passion and your biggest expense. We just decided we are too old to get in to cottage life at the expense of doing everything else. And we live near a lake anyway(2 minute walk). 
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    So I want to show her the best out of the gate.  She is totally onboard with the adventures that we can have......but she wonders why we just don't buy a place at the beach.  
    but with a [email protected], you both can move from beach to beach!!

    (Also have some diehard, season ticket holding Auburn fans in the family :) War Eagle!)
    Light a campfire and everyone's a storyteller. ~John Geddes

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    I am lucky in that I don't have this problem.  My wife and I both enjoy camping.

    What I would do in your situation is, first time out, really do it up.  She likes the beach, so go camping at one of the nicer RV resorts down in Galveston for a weekend.  There are some that are right on the beach even.  Check out reviews and choose a nice one that she will really like.

    States the [email protected] has camped, so far ;)
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    My husband doesn't like to camp. He relaxes once he gets in front of a campfire, but getting him there is so much work. With me going on my adventures with my dog and with friends, he said this is inspiring him to buy that Harley he's been talking about for the 22 years I've known him and joining me at some of my extended stops. I carry a Therma-Rest Add-a-Room and large Clam tent for kitchen and dining when friends want to camp with me. Stay flexible and let each person find their own bliss. 
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    I am actually the "upscale" one; my wife would be happy sleeping on a bed of leaves!  Okay, maybe not that extreme, but she is the "camper".  I am okay as long as I have hot water, coffee in my hand BEFORE venturing outside and a nice bed off the ground.  Without turning this thread into a "reasons to camp," what has convinced me to be okay with camping is 1) a more permanent situation (like a cabin) is expensive and gets boring.  Camping allows you to experience the beach, forest, mountains; anywhere you wish to go on land.  2) Hotels increasingly have bed bug issues which weirded me out.  3) Nice to pack everything you want in the [email protected]; no unloading to the hotel/cabin, reloading, etc.  4) If you are going to RV, having a [email protected] is pretty simple RV'ing.  Easy to care for, not much to go wrong.

    I would definitely get the awning to expand your space.  Carpet the floor, have nice chairs and a table, maybe some flowers in a vase.  Make your space special.  Not sure the RV scene is necessary (e.g. asphault, sardine-like spots, etc.), but you probably want to camp somewhere where the bugs are at a minimum, no storms or weather issues, and things to do not unlike what you would have access to if you were staying in a cabin.  Ease into the lifestyle!  Also, one thing we do to minimize meal messes is cook up our meals ahead of time so we only need to warm them up or lightly cook them to cutdown on clean up chores.  BBQ'ing is also somewhat minimalist.  Also use paper plates (something rigid like Chinet), but use our regular forks, spoons and knives; (I hate to eat using plastic).

    In short - make the experience as "cabin-like" as possible; it helps!  I'm okay being out and about in nature as long as I have a way to get out of it if necessary!
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    There is much truth in this.

    My younger brother detests camping. He hates every part of it. He actually does not enjoy the outdoors. Every family has one. His son recently made the transition from Cub Scouts to Boy Scouts and now my brother will be camping with him at least once a month and for a week this summer. I suggested he buy the Stanley Mountain Coffee System to enhance his experience. It created a very positive experience for him. Not only was he much happier but he was a hit and the parents want to get him a  "Barista" patch.  Because he was able to have appositive experience in at least one area, he was able to see past how much he hates it to now at least seeing that the weekend camping is a great way for his son to earn his badges. He did not love the 5 mile walk in cold weather and mud. I gave him some suggestions there, too. 

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    John, congrats on your new Sofitel! I am the camping nut in our family, although we camped all but two nights on our honeymoon ages ago, his tent. Last year I upgraded to a really nice cot to be up off the ground, this year I have a [email protected] MaxS, scoring indoor plumbing! He would prefer a hotel these days so we have a few camping trips planed together and then I've met others to camp with and leave him happily at home other times. He had two requests when I was searching. One, that he could stand up in it (vs a pod, etc) and two that I could lock a door at night if I'm camping without him. The [email protected] checked off a lot on our lists.  Anyway, best of luck as the two of you figure out the new ground rules for travel. 
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    No matter who's the serious camper (you or your spouse), keep in mind when sharing space in a [email protected], "A SENSE OF HUMOR IS ESSENTIAL".
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    I concur with the other comments.  The problem with a cabin in the woods or a beach house is that all your fun time is taken up with maintenance (not to mention tying up all your money) and every vacation is to the same place.  With our [email protected]  every trip is an adventure.  We can decide how "rough" or "glam" we want to be depending on our feeling at the time.
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    I love the thought that I can take my "cabin" to lots of different places and not get stuck in one spot.  I agree with ashaw... much less maintenance!  Can't wait for the snow to finish melting and take off! :)
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    Jenn, I like the way you appealed to your brother's coffee addic... um him being a connoisseur to get him onboard. Tell him that real coffee drinkers grind their beans in their mouth! :lol:  
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    Dragging up an old post...

    We are both backpackers, thats how we met.  So we both love being outdoors.  Living in the Sierra Nevada, winter comes sooner than it did living in the SE US.  We wanted to extend our camping season and bought a great LG TD.  (about to upsize to a [email protected])
    This got us to some fabulous places over the last year or so!  We love going to new places, and rarely visit the same places over and over.  (you know that family that goes to Disney year after year after year... What have they seen or experienced?  The same thing year after year after year...  

    Dont live the same year 75 times and call it a life...  (not my quote)

    In the last four months alone, we've seen Portland, Mt Shasta, Monterey, eastern Sierra, Zion, Tetons, Jackson, Pinnacles...  

    we love the discovery of new places and are richer for the experience.
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    I feel the same way about traveling and love exploring.....  I also traveled a similar course in arriving at the [email protected] and these trailers DO give you added options and flexibility via the Alde and its ability to provide heat when boondocking or during times of travel.  
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    We started with a pop up truck camper and KOA's.  Next came the Gold Wing M/C pulling trailer and dome tents.  Decided it was time to try a Little Guy 5 wide.  Loved it, but as we aged, got tired of putting on our clothes laying on our back.  Got a [email protected] [email protected] Q (no bathroom but a porta pot)  The 400 came out and now it allows us to camp at more places that we would not before. Got the 400 August 12th and been out 9 times so far.  Thanksgiving at the lake was great! Traveled on the road for 5 years and the motel/ hotel are not any better then and now they are now a lot more expensive than before.  So many places use the disinfectant that we cant stand.  The [email protected] allows us the creature comforts and the new adventures.  Had the second home in Hawaii for 15 years and the lake home.  That time is gone now and time to see what else is out there!  Every one has their own destination so what ever you decide,  Do it together and enjoy!
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