(FOLLOW UP)Roof mount digital TV antenna ( attached to AC vent)

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I have been looking for a permanent TV antenna  solution. Something that requires know adjusting or positioning. Just turn on the TV and watch when ever I am in range. I found one that is Omni directional 360* is a little smaller than others I found and less than half the price at $45. I wanted to mount it on the roof but not to the roof. With this antenna and the included bracket I was able to attach it to the AC roof vent. Know need to drill hole in the roof. The antenna cable can be feed along the keder rail to the antenna jack. This antenna also includes a 12 volt powered booster. I cut off the 110v to 12v converter and tapped into the 12v  source at the back of the   TV https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01NCV2MQB/ref=cm_sw_r_em_apip_bnEaKHbIsYezm
Pictures to follow 

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