T-24 hrs and Counting

Until we pick up the 2018 320s Outback from Boardman RV in Pueblo. The wife tossed and turned last night like a kid on Christmas eve. She is already planning a trip to PA to visit our son next spring. 

Had the Jeep rewired from a 4 flat to a 7 round with brake and Charge. At first I did not care for the Black exterior walls with the red trim but it has grown on me to now I really like it. Owning Black cars and RV's is something I stayed away from because scratches/Dirt show more and being in Colorado with the sand/salt winter mixtures for the roads. Interesting to see how it stands up.

Will post pics next week along with a review of Boardman RV customer service and the class on the RV itself. Also of note, this camper seems to have the same kind of following and fan base as with Jeeps and Harley's.

Everyone have a good [email protected] day

2018 320S Outback pulled by 2012 Jeep Wrangler.


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    Congrats and happy trails!

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    Yay! You're almost there! We took a friend with us for our walk through and he took video of it with my phone. I've referred back to it a few times, sometimes for info and sometimes to see how far I've come! Enjoy your journey!
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    @Toefoot you are in good company! I have a '18 320 outback, 2 jeeps AND a Harley! Lol.  I'll give you a wave or a nod no matter what you're driving/riding!
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    By the time you read this, you both should have BIG smiles on your faces! :) :) ;) Congrats & it's time for a driveway CAMPOUT!!!! :)
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    We visited Boardman's a couple of weeks ago as we are just beginning our research on [email protected] 320 vs [email protected] 400. Will be anxious to hear of your hopefully favorable experience with Boardman!
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    OK, went camping Saturday after picking up the RV from Boardman RV in Pueblo.

    Review of [email protected] and Boardman RV:

    1. The walk around was good and the tech had all the answers. The only thing I have a gripe with is the fridge had some deep scratches on the surface (Fake wood) that could not be fixed? This really bothered us for the simple fact that it is new and the wife and I work very hard to purchase things like the RV. I will reface the fridge in the spring of 2018.

    2. The second was one seat cushion had a black stain the size of a quarter that we got out after discovering it on the back side.

    (Tip... If you have a stain on carpet or cloth furniture purchase yourself denatured alcohol and put some on a rag until it is wet, apply the rag to the stain and pat or gently rub with the denatured alcohol to remove the stain, works great).

    The RV was ready for us with battery fully charged along with the propane. 

    3. Once parked at the campsite (18 miles away) Sunday morning I could do a more thorough inspection and discovered most exterior screws on the molding and trim are very loose. Some so loose that it was pushing the black rubber out of the channel it was in. I spent about a hour tightening down all the screws. Is this the norm and something I need to check before and after, during and after each trip?

    4. Boardman RV gets a 4 out of 5 star review and would purchase from them again but the scratches on the fridge and the cushion stain should have been caught prior to us finding them.

    On a side note, the Mountaindale campground on Hwy 115 and Barret road was fantastic, very clean and friendly staff and hats off to Bob for going the extra to get us in when we had no reservations and the camp went to winter schedule. The campground on Saturday night had a Halloween party, Hayrides and it looked to be real fun. Sunrise on Sunday was wonderful with all the Trees and skyline.

    After all said and done we are very happy with the RV features and how well it maneuvers in the city. The Alde system worked well at keeping us warm and we slept in it just fine. Did not use the shower or toilet. Our 2012 Jeep Wrangler 4 door was averaging about 13-16 MPG per on board computer. Going up I25 towards Colorado Springs I was cruising at 75 mph with no death wobble. I do plan on keeping it at 65 mph but wanted to see how well the Jeep would do with a load.

    I have some pics and will upload them tonight or Wednesday evening after the Goblins and Ghouls have passed.

    As for the [email protected], it is now the same kinda love I feel when I looked at my HD and jeep.

    If a NuCamp Rep from Ohio is reading this I would be interested in why all those screws backed out...shipping?

    Oh....had a flashback from 1979 when the wife was in the shower at the other end of the campground and cranked the stereo system, the speakers are terrible under the stress of 8 watts or whatever it is. Need to upgrade the speakers. Nothing better than some Big band and swing, Jazz and Pink Floyd in one night :)
    2018 320S Outback pulled by 2012 Jeep Wrangler.
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    edited October 2017

    2018 320S Outback pulled by 2012 Jeep Wrangler.
  • ToefootToefoot Posts: 38Member
    2018 320S Outback pulled by 2012 Jeep Wrangler.
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    @Toefoot what a great color combo! Have fun, and thanks for sharing!
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  • ToefootToefoot Posts: 38Member
    2018 320S Outback pulled by 2012 Jeep Wrangler.
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    Gorgeous! Welcome to the [email protected] family!
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