In need of [email protected] Outback Photos

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For those that don’t know me, my name is Justin Mobilian and I work on the marketing team at nüCamp. We’re having a graphic designer make a few banners for our upcoming show in Louisville, KY, and I’m in need of HIGH RES [email protected] BoonDock/Outback photos

If you have a photos you’d be okay with letting us use, please email me the photo at [email protected]. If we end up using your photo, we’ll send you a gift as a way of saying thank you.

Thanks in advance! 


  • EstancioEstancio Posts: 198Member
    Why can't you take a photo of a new one at Sugar Creek?
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    @Estancio a lot of times they like to showcase actual use by actual owners. And sometimes current owners get good ideas for new mods, never a bad thing!
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  • justinmobyjustinmoby Posts: 2Member
    Estancio said:
    Why can't you take a photo of a new one at Sugar Creek?
    We have nothing against doing that. We just want to use one that’s being used from a customer in an outdoor/off-road setting somewhere else in the country. @homebodyatheart explained it pretty well. Hope that helps!
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    @BirdieJane ; That's the best shot!  You need to email it to Justin for nuCamp's use.
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    To everyone posting photos here, please read Justin’s original post, as he wants high resolution photos via email. You guys don’t have to resize the photos you email to him!

     Please don’t post the photos here, but send them via email to Justin. I’ve met Justin and even though he’s a crazy guy (gotcha Justin!), he’s a great guy and he is a nüCamp employee. 

    As soon as I get a chance, I’ll move these photos to the Campsite photo thread so Justin’s original post can be seen. 

    Thanks for helping Justin and nüCamp. 
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    First time forum poster, long time lurker, happy new [email protected] Outback owner... @justinmoby has nuCamp considered a photo contest? Not for your current photo search, but maybe for use in later marketing? There are some great photos taken by owners, and it would give nuCamp a pool of photos. Prizes could be something as simple as bragging rights for the winners... just a thought.
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