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Yes, I got a [email protected] camper. I sold my [email protected] Outback back in July and ordered a Winnebago Micro Minnie 1706FB. It is a larger (4 ft. longer and 1 ft. wider than 320) TT. I just picked it up last week and had my first (test) camping this past weekend. Overall, I like my new trailer, but I am still trying to adjust myself from [email protected]

What I miss:
Narrower body - After driving and parking several times, I noticed I was so used to be able to see the back of the trailer while driving/backing up.
Alde - I think Alde is the best heating system for small trailers. It's like an oil filled heater. Almost no sounds and no air blowing (no sore throat).
Shower door - It is nice to be able to just wipe down the door after taking a shower. I also did not like the shower curtain sticking on my body.
Light weight - Even the Winnebago's dry weight is 3,000 lb, I still feel it more on my 2017 Nissan Pathfinder (6,000 towing capacity). MPG is bad also.
TV close to bed - I don't know why Winnebago mounted the TV on the other side of the trailer.
Lower Bed - My dog does not like how high (tall) the Winnebago's bed is.
Looks - This was the main reason I got the [email protected]
Windows and screen/shade - I really miss this one...
I know I will miss NuCamp support also...

What I like about the new one:
Larger body - Of course it has more room and storage. I have moved everything that was in the [email protected] I still got more than 2/3 of the storage empty.
Larger water tanks - I know 25G gray tank is not as big as other trailers in class, but 25G black and 31G freshwater tanks are really nice.
Larger/reliable fridge - It has fridge and freezer. I haven't been able to test in 100F+ Texas heat yet, but under 76F ish, it's working find while driving/camping.
3-burner stove - I know I'm not going to use all three at the same time (I mostly cook outside), but it's nice to have the option. Oh and it has an oven, too.
Double sink - nice to have extra space for washing.
Dry bath - no wet feet when I use the toilet.
15,000BTU A/C - I ordered it with this option (vs. 13,500 BTU). They did not charge extra for it.
More lights - It has so many lights inside the trailer.


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