Merry Turkey Day to all [email protected]!

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Merry Turkey Day!


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    Happy Turkey Day!!

    I'm sooooo full (food, @ericnliz, I'm full of food!). It was great to see my Dad and my little sis after this year of medical ordeals. Little sis ran around cooking with my other sis and SIL. There's still a puzzle to be completed, but the girls are doing the Black Friday outlet thing and no telling what the guys are doing. 

    This is what da family was doing on Tuesday!! Holy Mackerel eh?

    The flag my nephew is holding is the golden star award (real award will be mailed). He caught the biggest fish! It's hung upside down because it was a catch and release (on purpose!). Then... the kid fell asleep on the boat on the way back to shore. LOL. 

    PS... I wasn't there. I get violently sea sick on the ocean!
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    In love the art work Estancio
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    Wow, that was a nice fish take!  What do they do with all that?
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    Party's at Ratkitty's dads place!!!!!!  Wooohooo!!!!  Nice catch!!!!

    And agree, the artwork was pretty cool!    =)

    Had to let the belt out a few notches yesterday evening after attending two Thanjsgiving dinners and the over indulgence therein...  Oh well, am thankful for family, friends and all the blessings that life and the man upstairs have given me! 

    Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving and enjoy the weekend!  
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    @Estancio, Another great [email protected] photo!!!
    @ratkity, VERY glad to hear Dad & Sis are doing much better. Glad you were able to spend some time with them!!!!
    @Michigan_Mike, I USED to have the belt notch I just leave that sucker at home & grow in to 'em. ( Takes a LOT less time to grow in to then britches than it used to !) :rofl:
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    And a somewhat belated Happy Thanksgiving to all of you, too! Trying to get stuff out of the fridge this morning was like playing a 3D game of Jenga! It all was good, though! @Estancio talk about towing a turkey! :rofl: @Ratkity what a great set of holiday memories you guys made yesterday! Here's wishing you many more! @Michigan_Mike I don't think I could handle two turkey feasts in one day. Must take some training, eh? @ericnliz and that's another great reason to wear sweat pants! BTW, did your turkey fly down the block in the wind yesterday?  =) Oh well, back to some more time off! Have a great weekend everyone!
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    SAM said:
    Wow, that was a nice fish take!  What do they do with all that?
    The fish was all filleted and vacuum packed in food saver bags! It's been divided up by the reel holders lol. Dat was a LOT of fish!

    LOL @Homebodyatheart ... 2 frigs in this rental and we are playing refrigerator Jenga constantly!! hehe. 
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