Water Pump Not Pumping

Hi All - We are new owners of a 2016 [email protected] CS-S. We bought it privately, but it has never been used so we don't have a dealer relationship. Everything was still wrapped in plastic, not a mark on anything; so we are confident that nothing has ever been used/run. I'm it getting ready for our first voyage and all seems well except the water pump. We finally have a warm enough day to check out the water system without fear of freezing. Hooked up the city water connection and flushed out all of the lines. Everything seems fine. I then filled the on board tank to test out the pump. Tank is filled and the pump runs when turned on, but I get nothing from the faucets - not even a sputter. It obviously isn't priming. Any ideas? Is there a valve somewhere that I am missing? All of the valves in the back under the sink appear to be in the correct position described in the "Winterizing Manual" for "Camping Mode". Is there another valve somewhere (maybe underneath) closer to the tank? I Help. Thanks.


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