How do I hook up solar to 400 with dual batteries?

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I want to hook up a solar charger to batteries with a Zamp port mounted to the exterior. It looks like I could use the heavy duty distribution studs that are located in a box next to the batteries to connect zamp to batteries.  I would also like to run a battery maintainer through the zamp port. I will use 6 gauge wire.
I don't want to get into the battery box, there are wires running through the side wall and the vent also.
Sound ok?

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    We had our dealer install a Zamp plug that we supplied.  We have a Zamp suitcase. Can’t help you on your battery maintainer part.  All this is Greek to me!  I think our next install will have to be an inverter so we can charge our cell phones and I can use my Air Mini CPAP whenever we try boondocking  I cannot wait!

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    @treefrog, assuming the wires connected to those studs are the positive and negative leads directly from the battery, I see no reason why hooking your Zamp port leads to the same studs wouldn't work just fine.
    Do be careful about polarity, however. While Zamp systems use the same common SAE connectors as other devices such as the Battery Tender, they are typically wired differently.
    There are several discussions here about the infamous Zamp "reverse polarity"--most of which IMHO tend to make the issue more complicated than it needs to be. If you just pay attention to make sure positive is always connected to positive, and negative is always connected to negative, you will be fine. Just be aware that accomplishing this with different devices may require you to build or purchase specific adapters for the purpose. 
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    @BjoLiz, I know you need an inverter for your C-pap, but in the meantime, you can use a USB adapter in your 12 volt outlet to charge your phones. 
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