Weber Q 1200 propane grill

Last night I was wandering around Home Depot when I stumbled upon a super deal. For some unexplained reason HD has dropped the price on the Weber Q 1200 grill (black) $60.00. From $199.99 to $140.00. One immediatly went into my basket. Out of curiosity i checked Lowes and they were still at full retail.

Merry Christmas to me, Merry Christmas to me.....
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  • DenisPDenisP Posts: 119Member
    Nice buy.  We use our Q1200 on almost every outing (except Harvest Host and Walmart).  It is a really a nice grill.  I have a 12 foot extension hose from our 400's propane tank which works great.
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  • ScottGScottG Posts: 2,866Moderator
    Good find. The Q is our go-to appliance for camp cooking. Grill baskets, the optional griddle, and a heat shield for baking really increase its versatility.
    It is a thirsty little bugger, though. Like DenisP, we run it off the [email protected] 20lb tank, as it is much cheaper and more convenient than fiddling with the little 1lb bottles.
    Happy eating!
  • PhotomomPhotomom Posts: 2,135Member
    My husband’s employer had a feedback system where people could give you accolades for your work and those translated into points that were good for stuff. Just before he retired he traded his accumulated points for a Weber Q portable grill. We love it, have cooked steaks, chicken, pizzas and other stuff when camping. We had trouble with our old camping grill when it was windy, but this one has worked great.
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