[email protected] newbies wonder: What's supplied with new 320 S ?

We have just purchased a used 2018 320 S; plan on taking possession in a couple of days.  I'm concerned that, being (slightly) used, some parts that came new may have been lost. The dealership seems pleasant and upstanding, but doesn't deal with a lot of [email protected] Is there a list of hoses, plugs, adapters, etc that come with a new unit so we're not scratching our heads on our first trip?  Thanks!
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  • mrericmreric Posts: 99Member
    you should get:
    crank for stabilizer
    30amp cable
    spare tire 
    remote for tv and radio 
    and bag that contains all the manual and warranty info for every unit such fridge, fan tv,  etc

    did i miss anything?
  • dragonsdoflydragonsdofly Posts: 1,002Member
    @GumboAndBoo2, add a 20 lb propane tank and regulator and a 12v battery (or 2 6v batteries). The battery is left to the dealers discretion when delivering a new trailer, but a working 12v is provided to power the trailer.
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  • GumboAndBoo2GumboAndBoo2 Posts: 14Member
    Thanks, y'all!  I've been reading the owner's manual posted to this site - I presume the drainage hose for the blackwater tank will be provided; are there other drainage hoses?  adapter for filling the freshwater tank?
    Jack + Grace + Gumbo (the dog) + Bubo (the other dog) + Alice the [email protected] (2018 320 S)
  • ScottGScottG Posts: 2,866Moderator
    I got all of the above plus a little cheapo 10' sewer drain hose stuck in the PVC carrier in the tub. That doesn't seem common, however, so perhaps it's something my dealer threw in on their own. (And I did make use of it for over three seasons before upgrading!)
    I also got a plastic water pressure regulator, but no water hose or adapter for filling the FW tank.
  • Sharon_is_SAMSharon_is_SAM Posts: 3,925Moderator
    Since the TaB is used, the dealer may not provide any “freebies” like sewer hose, pressure regulator, etc.  I agree with mreric and dragonsdofly with what should be provided, but you may not get all the manuals and warranty info unless the original owner provided those items.  I would call the dealer and ask if they provide any extras.
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  • mrericmreric Posts: 99Member
    i believe pressure regulators,   leveling blocks and sewer hose are not included,   although i have seen dealer give it as a package deal with a new camper....  i only got a 5 dollar water pressure regulator.. 
  • GumboAndBoo2GumboAndBoo2 Posts: 14Member
    Thanks again for the info.  I guess I assumed necessary "ad-ons" (sewer drain hose, for example) would be included - but, no worries.  We got a pretty good price, I think, so may have played all my freebie cards.  I think we'll spend a few nights camping in the driveway to see what more we need!
    Jack + Grace + Gumbo (the dog) + Bubo (the other dog) + Alice the [email protected] (2018 320 S)
  • mrericmreric Posts: 99Member
    is what i did,  spend 1-2 inside the garage.  and the 1st run i went to a campsite only 2hr away.   you will slowly discover what you need instead of getting stuff you do not need
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