How I installed a Lagun table in my 2019 [email protected] 400

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I really missed my Lagun table from my [email protected] S Max and the versitility it gave me. Here’s how I installed the Lagun table in my new [email protected] 400. 

Because I needed 18” from the wall so the table would move completely around, I needed to build a 6 1/2” extension onto the factory’s front inside wooden box that houses the electrical wiring, hose for an air conditioning duct just inside the door, and the Alde heating components for the frontheating ducts. 

Since I’m not anywhere near home and my workshop, I chose to use a premade butcher block type tool storage wooden top (approximately 18”x26”) from Home Depot. I purchased two of the tops, one for the actual Lagun tabletop and one for the wooden extension. The light color looks good with my light colored inside walls.

I cut the sides to fit the slanted floor, made it 6 1/2” deep, approximately 14” tall at its tallest point and approximately 6 1/4” wide. This allowed enough room to be able to secure the rear piece to the factory’s wooden box. (If you attempt this, please check the factory’s plywood box for the placement of everything inside the box so you do not screw into the electrical wiring or any components inside the factory’s box.)

The Lagun table in place. 
The side of the underside of the tabletop. 

The table top can be moved any number of ways sideways or forwards or backwards. 

The tabletop positioned longways from the front wall. 

When I get home, I will be making bed slats and runners so the front dinette/sofa/bed area can still be used as a sofa or bed. 

I do love this table. I spend a lot of time at the table when I’m inside. There’s plenty of room for the iPad or laptop, lots of room for a meal, and lots of room for an atlas to figure out tomorrow’s route.  I love that I can push the tabletop out of my way to get up or to allow someone to sit across the table from me. I can loosen the connectors and remove the table for travel, or for bed or sofa use when I finish the bed slats. It’s light enough to easily move wherever I want. 
Verna, Columbus, IN, 2019 [email protected] 400 Boondock Lite white/red, towed by a white 2019 Ford F-150 4x4 Supercab, 3.5L V6 Ecoboost; [email protected] Administrator


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