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Hi, I'm Cheryl and I'm hoping to become a [email protected] owner soon. I've spent months looking at small trailer RVs and moved from lusting over Airstreams, to longing for fiberglass trailers, to realizing the [email protected] 320 really fits my needs. I'm a plein air artist and want to be able to travel to paint-outs all over the south. Or maybe get my spouse out camping once or twice. We've been married 21 years and in that time, I managed to get him out exactly 2.5 times. The .5 was the last time we camped when he made me pack up and drive home at midnight because he just could not deal with a tent.

We went to look at a [email protected] this weekend and that confirmed it, this is the trailer for me/us. I'm sure I'll have a lot of questions as we embark on this process, so thanks in advance and I'm really looking forward to meeting some of you on the road.


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    Welcome @CPloeg!  You are at the right place for friendly, helpful information.  Good luck with your TaB hunt!
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    @CPloeg, welcome to the forum. Good luck locating the perfect (for you) trailer. Enjoy, as it's all part of the adventure!
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    Welcome Cheryl! The search field in the upper right below the banner will be your friend as will the other forum members. If you find a thread you want to refer to in the future, tap the star to the far right of the post title, it will turn yellow (at least on my iPad) and be saved. When you want to see your saved threads, just tap the star in the banner to the right of your username and they will appear! Many members figure out a way to copy and print them or develop electronic files in which to store them for easy retrieval. My sincere apologies if you've already figured out how to do this, it took me a while.😳
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    Welcome Cheryl!  If the spouse is at all into camping, try convincing him that the [email protected] is just a really fancy tent where y'all can watch DVDs when it's raining outside and cool in the AC when it's too hot - and still do the other camping stuff he'd enjoy: lounging outside, campfire, stargazing, etc !  
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    Welcome and happy trails!
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    @CPloeg, Welcome to a wonderful new journey! Cheryl you can do this! My DH of now 26+ years told the salesman that his name might be on the paperwork but we all know it’s hers...and he’s right! (Full disclosure-we camped on our honeymoon. He prefers hotels now...) Having a small trailer and doing more camping is a dream of mine and I’m two seasons in now with my 2017 Tab 320S. I haven’t regretted a moment! I have read tons of great information on this forum and have made new friends. I also found a group of local women who camp together during the camping season. I’ve camped since I was a kid and love the 320S. I appreciate the indoor plumbing and kitchen. While I still cook outside I like the option of cooking inside if the weather is rotten, etc. Best of luck as you follow your dreams and enjoy the journey! 

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