TaB 400 Table Operation

cowboypetecowboypete Posts: 14Member
My wife and I bought a new 2018 TaB 400 this year.  When we bought it the salesman lowered the table, but I have been unable to release the catches so that I can raise it.  Do you squeeze the catches or push them, my don't seem to want to move at all!   Any help would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks.
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  • Michigan_MikeMichigan_Mike Posts: 2,563Administrator
    You need to push down on the catches simultaneously and lift the table up off from the support bar.  
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  • cowboypetecowboypete Posts: 14Member
    Thanks for your help.  I will try it in the A.M.
    Bob & Irene  2003 F150 V6-Manual
    2018 TAB 400
    Nashville, TN.
  • cowboypetecowboypete Posts: 14Member
    Michigan_Mike that did not work.  The latches DO NOT MOVE AT ALL!  I can push down on them as hard as I can and they do not budge.  Could the salesman have jammed them when he moved it originally.  If anyone has, have similar problems please let me know.  I am probably going to take the latch off just to see how it works at this point.  Thanks everyone.
    Bob & Irene  2003 F150 V6-Manual
    2018 TAB 400
    Nashville, TN.
  • VernaVerna Posts: 5,429Administrator
    There is a button on the underside of each latch. Push up on each and it will release.  It is best to push on both at the same time, as the table will become crooked and won’t release if you try one at a time. 
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  • jameskuzmanjameskuzman Posts: 76Member
    There is also a small tab on the latch on the top side which, when pulled back (toward you) releases the table. You have to look closely (a flashlight helps) but if you peer into the gab between the back of the table and the rail, you'll see them. It's much easier than blindly trying to reach under the table for the button, which is very hard to slide as it's nearly flush with the latch itself. 
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    Perhaps a few pictures might help:

    If you lift the table too much it will bind and the other latch will be very hard to push.  In that case just lower the table slightly until you can push the other button down.

    This is what it looks like from below after the button has been pushed and the mechanism has released.

    This what the mechanism looks like when the button has NOT been pushed--what it should look like from below when you have the table securely latched into one of the rails.

    This is what MY table looks like and how it operates.  I don't have the tabs that need to be pulled back as mentioned in an above post.  Maybe nuCamp used different mechanisms?
    This whole exercise is awkward in the extreme and the table is heavy.  I'm tall so I lift the front of the table slightly and rest it on my thighs while I am fussing with the little fiddly buttons.  A lighter table would help and several people have modded theirs.
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