What Did You Pay For Your [email protected]?

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Many people will get "flakey" when asked.  But, when I was searching for my trailer I found prices were all over the place.  I wanted to know "what was a fair price?".  I couldn't find any info out there.  The online sources:  NADA, Kelley, etc were useless.  The sellers were all way too proud of their units to be any real help.  On another forum I belong, we have a thread such as this to give buyers, and sellers a place to start when searching.  So I figured I'd start one here. 
Hope it helps folks.

I paid $16,359 for my 2018 320S Boondock in Florida.  After taxes, tag , dealer fees, this and that,  $18,500 hitched to the truck on the way home. 
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    @GatorEgg, I'll bite and go second.  Prices seem to vary based on the state where purchased, so I think it would be helpful if those willing to respond would include the state, month/year purchased, and any add-ons or other benefits received, to keep it all in perspective.

    I paid $19,359 (+tax and license) in December 2018 in Arizona for a 2019 320S Boondock Lite, which included the Boondock spare tire and hold-down bracket.  I also was fortunate to take advantage of the $1,000 nuCamp rebate that was running at that time.  So, effectively, I paid $18,359.   (The dealer's original offer was somewhere around $22,000 to $23,000, if I recall correctly.)  I submitted the rebate directly to nuCamp, rather than agree to let the dealer recoup those funds, which they often try to do in sales transactions.
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    I agree - List the state where it was purchased.  Then you can compare apples to apples.  
    Sharon / 2017 [email protected] CSS / 2015 Toyota Sienna Minivan / Westlake, Ohio
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    $21,600 out the door with half of the available options...  TX
    2014 328d diesel wagon, 2017 [email protected] S Max, D/FW Texas

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    2018 320S bought new in March of 2019. Paid $17,100 in the state of MN. Has the bathroom window and colored sides upgrade.
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    2007 Dutchmen CS, in June 2007 in Tennessee, $12,800 out the door, then another $535 in Alabama Sales Tax when I registered it. (Since then, probably another $5-6K in "stuff") (Power Mover, bedding, 2 batteries, 3 sets of tires, converter, screen door, new window shades, new interior lights, rugs, awnings, 3 jockey wheels, shocks, radio, XM radio, television, 2 sets of bearings, hoses, extra cords, adapters, diamond plate, baggage doors, outside cable outlet, instant hot water, chocks, BAL Leveler, Safety Step)
    [email protected]
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    $17,460 for our 2018 [email protected] 320S, purchased new in 2017 in Wilmington, NC, not counting about $500 for tow vehicle wiring, brake controller & installation, nor sales tax, title, tags, & insurance after bringing it back to VA (so add about $1000).
    I'm afraid to add up the cost of everything we've purchased since then to modify, improve, & accessorize, but I bet it would be something like 15-20% more. 💰

    -Brian in Chester, Virginia
    TV: 2005 Toyota Sienna LE (3.3L V6)
    RV: 2018 [email protected] 320S, >70 mods 
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    Pennsylvania   2020 320 boondock light with solar  $20,200 
    2009 GMC Canyon,   3.7 liter 
    2020 320s Boondock lite, With Lots of mods
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    We bought our new 2018 [email protected] 400 in April of 2019, from a dealer in Massachusetts, for about $21,200. I don't know what the other fees were. 
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    $16,600 plus tax etc. in VT, 2013. Basic Max 'S' with (non opening) front window added. First year the Alde was standard. The last year that they installed hydraulic surge brakes (thank goodness!)
    Chan  -  Buffalo NY (Beau Fleuve)
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    2017 Sofitel.  Optional opening front window. Did NOT add the bathroom porthole or outside shower. $23,500 out the door, southeast Michigan. Purchased and paid for December 2015. Manufactured April 2016 and delivered May 2016. We ordered a 2015, but eventually had to threaten the dealer as of March 2016 with legal action because our trailer had not been ordered yet. Worked out since we paid a 2015 price and were delivered a 2017. Please note the Sofitel  has the full aluminum skin, no sides made from"alumifiber".
    2017 [email protected] sofitel([email protected])TV 2015 Silverado 2500hd(Behemoth). Wyandotte, Michigan.
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    2019 320S Boondock Lite.  Arizona.  $19,250.  Included the new front rack with the three shelves (rather than just the 2 on the '18's), shower porthole, and the railings for the rear yakima (but not the rack).  Startup kit with a bunch of odds and ends. I could find them for $1k cheaper... but it would have cost more than $1K to get it to me.
    Silver on Silver, 320S '19 Outback Lite
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    We are in the middle of purchasing one right now . Picking it up this week , perhaps Monday . 
    Decided on a 2019 320s (don't care for the 2020 model interior changes , MUCH prefer the lighter wood, and wood ceiling 2019 models. Just a personal preference. The central air is a very nice feature though on the 2020 . 2019 or 2020 model was a tough decision ! )
    Anyway ..........

    2019 [email protected] 320s (non-boondock) in Pennsylvania . 
    Brand new,  Silver with Black Trim , Whales Grey interior . 
    Standard Package and Convenience Package . 
    RVIA seal . 
    Options - 
    Boondock front rack with the 3 shelfs (with standard black tub) . 
    160w Roof mounted solar package . 
    Sofitel sink upgrade . 
    Exterior Bagage door 
    Exterior Lagun Bracket 
    Spare Tire 
    Marine Battery, Propane filled , etc . 

    We are at $18,000 . 
    Only additional $$$ is tax , and tags .
    So out the door is approx  - $19,200 . 

    Hope we did OK ? 

    The only other option we would have liked is the bathroom porthole window  :|

    What do you all think ? (Its a done deal, and we are very happy with it, so I guess thats all that matters !  :)
    2019 320s Grey / Black Trim. Pitched Axle, Front rack, 150w Solar, Sofitel sink, Isabella Awning, etc.  
    2011 Dodge Grand Caravan 3.6, Dedicated Tow Vehicle , adventure mobile / [email protected]  .  

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    2018 320s boondock. $20,500 driveout. Sounds like many of you negotiated a better price. Like buying cars, it's not so much the money as I just don't want to be the dealer's chump of the week!
    Tab 320s Boondock
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  • SneakleSneakle Member Posts: 97
    forgot to say, traveled from GA to AL to buy mine.
    Tab 320s Boondock
    TV: Toyota 4Runner
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    2014 Max S purchased new in 2015. $15,900 from dealer in SW Minnesota. No front window, no bath window. 
    2014 [email protected]
    2019 Honda Ridgeline, V6, 5,000 lbs towing capacity
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    @B0atguy, sounds like you did good........right in the ballpark as far as prices go.
    2019 [email protected] 320 S Boondock Lite; Alde Compact 3020 Boiler; 2007 Toyota Tundra TRD (5.7L V8)
    Greg & Marlene (Tucson, AZ)

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    2018 320 CS-S loaded except not Boondock.  $19,784 plus tags and taxes in MN in April 2018, minus rebate from NuCamp - I think all told we were right at $20,000.
    2018 [email protected] CS-S Towed by 2015 Subaru Outback 2.5i in the wilds of Minnesota
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    2018 Boondock 320-S, $28800 new from Webb’s in ME. 
    2018 [email protected] 320 Boondock 
    2018 Nissan Frontier
    Kennebunk, ME USA
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    Looks like folks posting here did quite well price wise, and/or that there has been little inflation in prices over last 4 years.
    What we learned in the fall of '15 was that it pays to check internet, call some dealers out of your area and then, in our case, drive 2000 miles...we saved about 20% by traveling south to Tempe.  Sure, half of that savings was consumed by the 2000 mile trip but it was fun!   
    Kim & Mary Kay,  2016 CS-S,  Spokane, WA

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    We purchased used. 2018 Tab 320s. Purchased in February 2019 for $16,500 from Beckley's in MD. Only issues we had were the outside storage door leaked and the rubber gasket that runs along the trim was pulling loose. They replaced both gaskets at no charge and been good for many camping trips this summer. Purchased some shoe goo to keep in the maintenance box just in case it comes loose again.
    2018 [email protected] 320-S / 2017 Ford Escape Eco-Boost
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    Colorado here-- I purchased my slightly used 2017 Tab320S  in February this year from a dealer in Colorado Springs for $15,000 before taxes, license,etc which is high in Colorado.  It had a few updates like winterizing kit installed on the pump, dump pipes combined into one pipe & spare mounted on tongue.  It has some light hail damage but no serious damage & you have to look to notice it except for one spot that I'm going to put a splat or some kind of decal on-- everyone thinks it's new!  This was an exceptional deal in Colorado & I really liked the dealer & his maintenance guys are tops!

    2016 Nissan Frontier SV V6 4x4
    Finally!  New Owner of a 2017 Tab 320S! 
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    The best price I could find in California for a 2019 320 Boondock Edge was $25,998
    1999 Jeep Cherokee XJ (2" lift and 30" tires) 2019 [email protected] 320 Boondogle
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    2015 San Diego 
    2015 Sofitel $19,950
    1. Hash  [email protected] Fun
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    Cherokee said:
    The best price I could find in California for a 2019 320 Boondock Edge was $25,998
    Was that before or after negotiations?
    2019 320s BD Lite, white with blue (“Haven”)
    2015 Subaru Outback 3.6r (being replaced, not recommended!)
    Pacific NW
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    We paid $29,900 for a 2019 [email protected] 400 (standard) at Beckley's last week. This price included a Furrion Vison S back up camera which they had installed for the customer who ordered the camper and then upon seeing it in person decided it was too large and went with a 320 instead, which would have cost us another $500 plus installation.

    Other than sales tax and registration, there were no other dealer fees involved.

    We had them install and wire up a solar connector, a MaxxAir vent cover, and the Tekonsha Prodigy wireless brake controller as well, which are not reflected in the $29,900. Worth noting is that these parts and the accessories we purchased in their store (dog bones, surge protector, water and drain hoses, water filter and pressure regulator, etc.) came with a 20% - 25% discount since we bought them on delivery day.
    Jim Kuzman, Girard OH - 2019 [email protected] 400 - TV 2019 Volkswagen Atlas SE 4Motion w/ Factory Tow Package
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    I got my 2018 320 s in Sarasota Florida for 15,000. It was sitting on the lot forever and they have never herd of Nu camp. I don’t know why it’s not as popular here in Florida. They were selling  it for 18,000-16,000 over a couple weeks time. They gave me a veteran discount of like $500.00 and they took another $500.00 off if I bought it that day. I have a tax affidavit since I’m %100 disabled veteran. I’m 32 and living in this thing full time until I pay off debt from someone who took advantage of me. Needless to say I’m very happy in the [email protected] 320 s. It fits my life style better and easy to maintain with my disability’s, it’s perfect👍.
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    @Tilleo Welcome to the forum! That’s a very good price indeed. 
    John, Judi, Guinness & OD in PDX
    [email protected]@t 2015 S Max Outback, ‘18 V6 4Runner 

  • ArchieArchie Member Posts: 6
    $24,000 new 2019 tab 400 in NC.
  • DougWWDougWW Member Posts: 35
    2018 [email protected] 320s, new with a few extras, like folding solar, for only $30K (Canadian).
  • cyoungcyoung Member Posts: 3
    Are prices for trailers going to be higher on the west coast due to shipping cost?
    The prices I am seeing here in Washington seem higher that what I am seeing posted here.

    2021 320 BOONDOCK, 2017 F150 2.7 ECOBOOST
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