Help. ASAP stuck at campsite trailer brakes frozen

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After traveling 5,000 miles this month suddenly the trailer brakes are locked up on my new 320 S. The little plunger with the wire attached to it came out of the black box it’s in is most likely why. Anyone know how to just completely disconnect the brakes never have used them anyway. Please respond. Thanks Marty 


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    If you reinsert the “plunger” back into the box (that is your emergency brake cable), your brakes should release.  They should also release when your battery goes dead from the constant power application.
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    You should be able to pull the power lead from the emergency brake box , if you dont have the cut off plunger . If the system does not have power , the brakes will release (unless its a mechanical problem) . That should at least get you rolling until you locate a plunger . 
    Good Luck ! 
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    @51chevy, you should be able to push the plastic plunger/pin back into the box it came out of.  Reinserting the plunger/pin back into the breakaway switch should release the trailer brakes.  However, you may need to back the trailer up slightly to get them to release.  If that does not work, try disconnecting the battery so that it is not sending power to the switch.  That may allow the brakes to release.  IMPORTANT:  You should NOT remove or disconnect the emergency breakaway switch (unless it is totally defective and requires replacement.)

    I'm not sure what you mean by wanting to disconnect the brakes because you have "never have used them anyway."  That switch is only activated in an emergency situation.  You should never tow a trailer without the breakaway switch connected.  It is a safety device that is designed to apply the trailer brakes in the event your trailer pops off the tow vehicle hitch or somehow disengages from the tow vehicle (it can happen.)  Also, when towing, you must have your battery on the trailer connected, because that is what provides electrical power to the breakaway switch.
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    I figured it out after I posted and couldn’t reply cause of lack of WiFi. Anyway thanks so much for your explanation. I distinctly remember discussing the brakes with the guy who did my walk thru when purchased. I’ve towed Boats, trailers, a 1956 travel trailer and never had any brakes or experience with them. I always thought they were to help the vehicle slow the trailer down by having its own brakes.  Anyway thanks again and Ill be sure to get it back together and make sure there working properly. Live and learn right. I have a call to a Dealer to make. 
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    Make sure your battery is charged, too!
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    Congratulations! I’m glad you got it figured out. Now you’ve got a great campfire story!  :) PS some states require trailer brakes by law. Good to have them no matter why though. I know a Tabber who had unhooked his trailer, was maneuvering it into position on a slant and the trailer started rolling away. He pulled the brake pin out, stopping his trailer and any disaster! 
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    In the future, or for other members, disconnect from the tow vehicle and turn off the battery disconnect switch will remove power to the brakes while you figure things out.  
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    There are a few states with trailer brake requirements that would exempt trailers in the class this forum concerns. The biggest outliers are Alaska at 5,000# and Massachusetts at 10,000# (what's up in MA?). This is the best link I could find that showed requirements in  a compact format:

    AAA has more comprehensive info on state by state trailer laws.
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