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Hi - Just purchased a [email protected] 320S in May.  I had owned a [email protected] before and had only taken it out about 6 times, not at all last year.  So, I'm still in the "overwhelmed with all the things I need to know" stage of owning a camper.  My husband wanted the [email protected] for more room  and he wanted the toilet but I will be taking it out solo 99.99% of the time (with my cockapoo). I have no intention of using the toilet bc just dealing with gray water is a whole new experience for me.  (Wondering now if I should have insisted on the other model since he really won't be doing any overnights in it!  But, oh well).   I've been posting lots and lots of questions on the [email protected] FB group and everyone has been so helpful to what must seem like pretty obvious questions.   Headed out for a solo 5-day venture to meet up with some friends and keeping fingers crossed that I do everything correctly.  Just purchased a surge protector -- who knew??  Spent a lot of time picking people's brains and hope I set it up correctly and in the right sequence when I get to the campground.  

My goal is to do long distance trips from the East Coast and hike in the national parks.  I've been to nearly 30 so far.  
I appreciate everyone's patience in advance to an onslaught of questions coming your way!
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    Welcome @ZippyA and congratulations on your TaB.  We’ve all been there, be patient with yourself, you’ll get there.  The forum is a wealth of information - use the search - it helps!  Regarding the toilet - lots of folks don’t use it, but you may appreciate your own personal shower!  
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    @ZippyA.  Congratulations on your purchase of a 320S.  You will love it.

    USE the toilet!!

    That's what it is there for.  It is so nice to have it available, both while on the road and when camping, especially in the middle of the night.  That's pretty much what my wife and I use it for.  During the day, you can use rest stops, truck stops, or campground facilities.  Dumping both the black water (toilet) and gray water (shower/sink) is a snap.  Quick and easy, considering the small size of the two holding tanks.

    Speaking from experience, if you want top notch [email protected] advice, this is THE source for helpful and timely information.  I have found that comments on the Facebook group are all over the place and generally uninformed, but here I have found insightful and resourceful responses from several forum participants.  I take all kinds of notes for future reference.  Over the past 40+ years, I have owned a 5th wheel (and smaller travel trailers), but have never been so enthralled with all the ins and outs of towing, plumbing, repairs, wiring, weight distribution, etc., as I have since I bought my 320S and joined this forum.

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    Thanks so much!  I figure if push comes to shove in the middle of the night -- it's there!  My dog barks really loudly so I have to take him with me to the toilets and that's not much fun.   I did use the sewer hookup for the very first time last week -- gray water only.  Much easier than I expected. 
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