Weight of 2018 boondock edge spare tire.

What is the weight of the spare tire and the Yakima basket part number. Want to mount spare on back as I have a Jack e Up on the front so I can open my Wrangler tale gate. Thanks in advance. 
2019 Boon-dock Edge


  • ScottGScottG Posts: 3,039Moderator
    Per comments on this forum, I recall ~40lbs for the regular spare. Maybe a little more for the Boondock?
    Where would you mount the Yakima basket on a CS-S? Is the rear hatch robust enough for that?
  • gulfareagulfarea Posts: 145Member
    Thanks Scott, I now have 2019 320 Boondock Edge sold the clamshell.
    2019 Boon-dock Edge
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    @gulfrea, I weighed my Boondock spare for you (Rainier Apex ST APC-X ST235/75R15, mounted on the Boondock wheel.)  It weighs just under 55 lbs. (54.8 on my bathroom scale.)  (Greg)

    P.S.  I do not have the Yakima rack mounted on my camper, but I see that @pthomas745 responded to your previous inquiry regarding the Yakima rack and provided a link (i.e., the "Load Warrior"  https://www.yakima.com/loadwarrior .)  Was that not the correct basket?  I also saw a post where someone was considering purchasing a used "Mega Warrior" basket, which is larger (52" L x 48" W) and it was suggested that it might work OK if turned sideways on the back of the camper.
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  • gulfareagulfarea Posts: 145Member
    Bayliss Thavnk you, I think I will get the smallest rack that can hold the tire. There seems to be several sizes. Sure like this site for help, thanks all. Art
    2019 Boon-dock Edge
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