Firefox Spacing Issue Solved?

ScottGScottG Posts: 3,039Moderator
Many of you have noticed that forum posts made using the Firefox browser will automatically double any carriage returns. This long-known problem would result in extra spacing in final posts that were not visible in edit or preview modes.

In the last couple of days I've noticed this is no longer happening. Anyone else using Firefox seeing the same thing?

I've also noticed that the extra blank lines have disappeared from the hundreds of comments I've made where I intentionally did not double-space in order to circumvent this problem. And no, I'm not going back to put them all back in!  :-)


  • rkj__rkj__ Posts: 589Member
    This post is made in Firefox.  Let's see how it looks when I am done typing...  I have been mildly annoyed by the spacing issue, but never sweat it too much.  Words and stuff for testing.  I've typed a few words now, let's try a new paragraph.

    Here we go, a new paragraph.  How about that. 
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  • Travelin3DTravelin3D Posts: 88Member
    Still still looks double to me. Using Safari on an iPad mini.
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  • MuttonChopsMuttonChops Posts: 499Member
    Does one dare to believe the weird spacing has been fixed.
    This line has ONE cr/lf from the above line. The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog.

    This line has TWO cr/lf from above.

    = = =
    The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog.
    This line has ONE cr/lf from the above line. And the formatting has been hand edited using the " </> " HTML view feature.

    This line has TWO cr/lf from above. How do the lines above & below the " = = = "?

    WOW it worked correctly!  Both ways in the "Preview" now to try as a post . . . .
    firefox 67.04
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  • ScottGScottG Posts: 3,039Moderator
    Thanks, @rkj__ and @MuttonChops. Your posts look to me as you have described and intended.

    @Travelin3D, I'm not sure what you are seeing. To the best of my knowledge this was a Firefox specific issue. This post has seven sentences. There should be a double space between the second and third sentence. Previously, that would have appeared as a quadruple space. 
  • Travelin3DTravelin3D Posts: 88Member
    Ahh, then it appears to be fixed. I misunderstood the problem from the description - thanks @ScottG
    Richie, Mickie and Satchmo the House Hound
  • BrianZBrianZ Posts: 869Member
    Looks appropriate to me in android chrome browser.
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