Finished my Double Twin Mod with home made table.

Finally finished my double twin bed mod, made a larger table and covered the Velcro on the wall where the cushions were with little signs and magnets with the furry Velcro side attached to the back. The signs were from Hobby Lobby and weren’t quite wide enough to cover all the Velcro stapled to the wall, so I made the little wood slat, drilled a few holes with string to cover all the Velcro. The Beds are a very comfortable setup. I used 2” gel infused memory foam, I ordered 2 Fundango child size twin sleeping bags from China on eBay. They are the perfect size 28” wide by 72” long. Cut the foam to fit and it works great.I also got a great deal at Kohls on Serta heavy quilted mattress covers in twin and used elastic sheet clips to pull the gap up underneath cause the mattress covers don’t come in that small child’s twin size. Did the same with the fitted sheets, all in all with the foam,sleeping bags,Matt cover, and sheets there’s a lot of cushion, very comfy.  This gives us so much more room to get up and do your business, sit and eat at the table, etc. Dakota our Dog has her little bed in the center back where she likes to sleep, kind of under the cabinets. Hope this may help some with ideas like teztab got me going. Thanks Marty


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