economy scale for tongue weight

I located several different high capacity bath scales for finding tongue weight.  I settled on the Taylor brand, model 7410 with a capacity of 550 lbs. Amazon had one with a damaged package for just under $30.  They had free shipping at $30 so I added the inline switch so that I can turn the blue tv light off at night.  The scale got here with not much obvious box damage.  I constructed a mount to fit the tongue (scale has a raised portion between where the feet go) and got set up to weigh.  We have a 2018 [email protected] 400 with an installed Jack it Bike rack, boxed in tongue for storage, I removed the spare tire (37.4 lbs) and weighed the propane tank at (29.8) lbs with included 2.76 gallons of propane.  Additionally, I carry a 50 ft and 10 ft water hose and 10 ft sewer hose.  the initial weight including the mount for the scale/ tongue, came in at 518.4 lbs.  I removed the male bike (22.8lbs) , female bike (19.2lbs) and re weighed.  The new total without bikes ,is 468.9 lbs on the tongue at the hitch.  (The bike rack and both bikes have added an additional 66.7 lbs to the tongue.  Our towing weight with bikes 510.6 lbs

While this is more than I expected, we are still within our vehicle tongue weight capacity 0f 600-650 lbs.  Next, I have located a truck scales and next trip out we go that way, will try to get the TV/ [email protected] weight.
2018 [email protected] 400, 2017 Nissan Titan Crew cab


  • N7SHG_HamN7SHG_Ham Member Posts: 893
    Did you get a weight with all that stuff you took off? If not, then seems you will be over 500 when loaded for camping?
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  • atlasbatlasb Member Posts: 510
    Yes, the loaded weight with everything, propane, bikes rack , everything but the spare, which is now  remounted in the TV is 510.6 lbs ready to go.  TV tongue  capacity is 630 lbs.
    2018 [email protected] 400, 2017 Nissan Titan Crew cab
  • CbusguyCbusguy Member Posts: 777
    Is there a specific reason you are worried about the weighs?   Is it pulling poorly? Swaying excessively?

    I understand the tongue weight concern......but you are in good shape with enough weight on the tongue
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  • atlasbatlasb Member Posts: 510
    No problem at all towing.  Just did not know the actual tongue weight.  The TV handles the 400 well.  The only sway I find has to do with having 5 gallons of fresh water on board, I found that it will spash side to side and give some minor walking side to side. I don't travel with water onboard and the less weight the better the mileage overall.  We have towed more than not, in windy conditions.  The 400 actually feels better towing than our 320 did.  I think the longer body gives better air flow and the cap on our truck, kicked up at the back blends the air flow better also.  I had been searching for an economical scale to get the actual weight and for under 30 dollars this one fit the bill.
    2018 [email protected] 400, 2017 Nissan Titan Crew cab
  • TampakayakerTampakayaker Member Posts: 180
    Do you just put the jack post/wheel on the scale to get the weight?
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  • ScottGScottG Moderator Posts: 3,615
    Do you just put the jack post/wheel on the scale to get the weight?
    Yes, but make sure the trailer is level (or at whatever level you tow at).
    Another forum member did some testing a while back and IIRC the angle of the trailer had a surprising effect on tongue weight. The operating theory is that the arched shape of the trailer results in the center of gravity back and forth over the axle (pivot point) ands the tongue was raised and lowered.
  • atlasbatlasb Member Posts: 510
    I made an adapter that sits on the scale and the coupler sits on it.  I subtracted the 7 lbs for the adapter from the over all weight.  So, I am taking the weight at the point the coupler makes contact with the hitch ball. Also, as ScottG said, the trailer was level.
    2018 [email protected] 400, 2017 Nissan Titan Crew cab
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