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As many of you know, while travelling, many people will inquire about your [email protected] camper and want to see inside.  If your experience is like ours, the same questions are asked repeatedly (e.g., size, weight, tank capacities, etc.)  Sometimes they ask to take a photograph of our camper (or we see people taking photos of it.)  When asked specific questions by others, we have invited them to take a photo of the nüCamp sticker and model number and refer them to nüCamp's website.  We enjoy answering their questions, which often lead to other topics about similar interests, places to see, etc.  However, many times we are delayed in our travels as a result.  Therefore, we considered ways to provide helpful information, but limit answering the same questions repeatedly.  We came up with using a small two-sided business card (photo below) containing the basic info on our particular camper as equipped.  The idea came from a similar card that we sometimes hand out to others while vacationing (e.g., on a cruise) if we choose to provide our names and minimal contact info (i.e., E-mail address.)  We don't hand those out to just any stranger, but if we "click" with someone we meet in our travels we may give them one of those cards.  The [email protected] card does not identify us personally or provide our contact info.  We had the cards printed by Costco.  Pretty simple to set up.  We used the smallest font size (i.e., 8) so that we could get the maximum info on it, but still limited it to the specs we are most often asked about.  The cards simply provide helpful information so the person asking does not have to try to remember what we shared with them.  During our last trip, three people expressed great interest in buying a [email protected] and they appreciated receiving the information.  NOTE:  Don't hold me to the weight figures.  They are approximate and based on our situation.  For example, the Boondock spare tire and hold down bracket alone are close to 60 lbs., so that raises the tongue weight.  There are just too many variables that affect gross weight figures.  (Greg)

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