Wheel lock help for my 2021 320 Boondock. PLEASE!



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     ..gotta make the hubby happy 😁
    By all means...no one wants an unhappy Frank!

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    We are using a Gorilla locking lug nut on each wheel and on the spare (with cover), a heavy chain run through both wheels with a big lock, plus a Reese ball lock, and good insurance. When we are on the road, the generator is locked down, too. I suspect that with a big sledge hammer and some large bolt cutters, one could still steal it. But, it should take more than a minute and will make some noise. 
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    @andyboy The Trimax chock(using the term very liberally, it is not a chock) is a visual deterrent but semi- useless, as a serious thief looking to steal a trailer will not be intimidated by it and a casual passerby will not give it a second glance other than to think, "Hey, I have one of those, too" :). You can cut one off with a grinder in 30+ seconds. You can latch a chain to it and pull it off easily. If someone hooks up your trailer and drives it off the Trimax chocks will flap around for a few rotations(they will not come close to stopping your trailer from moving), then pop off. I've heard of someone prying the things off with little resistance. If you don't have locking wheel lugs they can basically replicate a tire change - gone. Insurance is a must, but insurance won't cover finding an empty trailer space after a long, sweet day out in the wilderness near sundown. If you have clearance buy the Brahma, it's $300 with shipping and you only have to mess with one locking device. I have no reason to talk up this product, I just think it is the best out there after researching and using a lot of the "stuff" on Amazon. I also don't see how paying $300(two Trimax chocks plus a coupler lock is $150 ) is that much of an investment. I'm about to pay $500 to fix a little dent in the trailer and the most of these rigs cost 10's of thousand of dollars to begin with! Not to mention they are usually(always) the most coveted set-up in the campground. A red Brahma lock says "Move on, not worth your time, stranger" to those with bad intent!  A dedicated thief can defeat any lock, but they would need an insane portable machine shop to remove the Brahma in any sort of feasible time. There is a reason the Brahma weighs 35 lbs. and the Trimax 6 lbs. The Pewag chain through the tire and around the axle with the lock in a hard to reach location is the second best option imho, if you can't fit the Brahma on your model. All personal preference, of course. I just got tired of knowing the faults of the Trimax and thinking about it while up on Mt. Grizzly with another 4 hours of hiking to my sparsely populated campsite, if you know what I am saying.
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    On the subject, can anyone recommend a good brand of lug locks that will fit a 2021 [email protected] 320s boondock? 
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    patmills said:
    On the subject, can anyone recommend a good brand of lug locks that will fit a 2021 [email protected] 320s boondock? 
    You will get a host of opinions about these. Anyone who has changed a lot of wheels or dealt with them on a regular basis will probably tell you not to use them...unless they are selling them.
    Locking lugs are almost guaranteed to cause trouble. They are made from a softer material than the standard lugs so they or the key will strip out...it's only a matter of time. When that happens you will not be able to remove the wheel. Or, you may lose the key. Another classic is the mechanic will forget to return the key. Since the keys are not an off the shelf item you or your shop will need to force the lugs off if they fail. If you are on the side of the road trying to change out a flat that will present a major problem. For the small amount of time that they might slow a possible thief down the problems that you will encounter are probably not worth it. If you are using a wheel lock they are totally unnecessary.
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