Roof rack as tire holder on 2008 TaB

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I have a 2008 tab. I want to remove the tire from underneath and place it on the roof. With a carrier rack. My question is how to locate the cross members on the roof.


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    Look here.

    I'm not absolutely certain if the older Dutchman [email protected] had the same frame configuration as the newer PV/nuCamp models, but I have never heard anything to the contrary.
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    With winter coming if you live in an area where it gets frosty. Heat the inside of the trailer. The moisture and frost under the right conditions will show the cross members on the outside. 
    NuCamp can give you the exact measurements for their trailers, but I believe a 2008 is a Dutchman and may not be the same.
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    The roof of the DM [email protected] was not designed to carry any weight.  The aluminum framing is very lightweight and much of the structural strength is from the inner and outer skins.  Keep in mind that even if things look OK while stationary, the dynamic load caused by bumps and curves while moving can cause loads much higher than the static conditions.
    I have seen several DM [email protected] with damaged roofs from mounting accessories on top and from snow accumulation during storage.
    I moved my spare to the tongue the first season after trying to install the spare underneath.  
    Be careful.  Have fun

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    mount Also, mounting a spare high in the roof, will shift the center of gravity point on the trailer up, and create more wind drag.  Both of which will effect towing dynamics.  Also, reaching high up to get the spare is not as convenient as having the spare down low, like on the front tongue, which will improve tongue weight ratio, and softer towing.
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