SmartShunt Install - System Wire Cable Lugs

Newbie question here.  Just getting started with implementing my battery/solar plan.  I'm awaiting delivery of a BB 100ah battery, but thought I'd install the Victron Smartshunt on my existing lead acid battery to begin familiarizing myself with the app.

I have a 1 foot 4 AWG gauge cable to connect the negative battery terminal with the "battery minus" terminal on the shunt.

Then I went to remove the 3 cables connected to the negative terminal of the battery to connect to the "system minus" terminal on the shunt and found the lugs were too small to fit over the Smartshunt bolt.  

Do I need to replace the connector lugs?  Or is there an adapter for this purpose?  Interestingly the connector lugs on the positive wires were the larger size.  Is this something my dealer setup this way?  Or does it come from the factory with different size connector lugs.

Am I missing something?


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