It Was A [email protected] Day!

We've had our MaxS about 27 hours now, and I couldn't be more in love (except for DH and DD and the pups, family and friends, of course!) By the time we got home yesterday from our first ever tow home from the dealer we were pretty tired. Then we couldn't back in the driveway because of the spare so we parked on the street, unhitched and between the two of us and our neighbor we rolled up into the flat part of the driveway and eventually into her new [email protected] Thank goodness it can be rolled easily! (Thanks to Ericnliz for later pointing out the obvious, that we could have driven it in headfirst, tucked the TV in the garage, unhitched and rolled from there! We were so tired it never crossed our minds. I also need more backing practice!) We had about 1-1.5 inches clearance into her home and plenty of room to walk around her once inside.Once she was tucked in for the night we let the pizza guys bring dinner. 

This morning was our monthly [email protected] breakfast group and we caught up with friends, and made two new ones! I feel so lucky and blessed to have such a great group of new friends to share my love of camping with! Spent the afternoon digging out the mound of bags and things I've been storing for the trailer. We figured out how to connect to shore power, cranked up the Alde, tried out the Thermarest pads we found at Target (didn't self inflate very quickly and only took a few minutes to blow up. They will make the bed much more comfortable and they roll back up to a small roll with a stuff sack. Had DD come out, put in a funny movie and enjoyed a family afternoon movie time! We are more comfortable with all of it today, and there is so much left to learn, adjust, and play with! Also I've become pretty space conscious, and some things I put aside for the trailer may not end up there. Good thing I like puzzles! Next step...a driveway sleep over!

Again many thanks to all on this forum who give so freely of their advice and humor! You are all the best!
Happy camping everyone!
2017 [email protected] 320 Max S silver and cherry red, [email protected] ("Bug" aka my [email protected] pod), TV 2015 Toyota Highlander aka Big Red


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