Using side tent at RV park?

I'm considering purchasing an attached side tent for my 2016 [email protected] When making RV park reservations many sites don't allow tents at the RV site. Has anyone who owns a side tent run into restrictions on when you can use your side tent or do most sites not consider this a real tent?  


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    Most campgrounds allow tents so it usually is not a problem. We are booked in to a park in Colorado for September and they had a no tents on RV sites rule. We called them up, they asked for pictures and they found us a slightly wider site than we were given originally. So it was not a problem, most of their sites are just on the narrow side.
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    My guess is you would want to call ahead to be sure. A few weeks ago I camped at a State Park that did not allow tents, or stakes of any kind, even for awnings. Forgot to ask why, but luckily I had brought a free standing awning I could tie down to the [email protected] and picnic table to keep it earthbound. Double checking is never a bad thing! Good luck!
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    several camp sites we have been to will not allow stakes for anything.  They said it was because of buried utility lines.  (water, electric)
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    Seriously? I can't imagine any instance where utility or water lines would be buried anything less than 24". Sounds like the personelle you spoke with really didn't know why and chose to feed you a line of crapola. More than likely it would be for environmental reasons.
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    I have always considered it a "pop out" and no different than a pop up camper. I can understand any area that does not allow staking.
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    It depends on the RV campground.  Some state no use of "non-permanently mounted to the RV awnings, and under no circumstances any staking."  I believe this may have to do with the concern about unattended canopies, etc. taking off in a thunderstorm and becoming a hazard to other campers. Others, specifically one I will be staying at in Livingston, MT next week, in addition to "no staking" of external canopies, etc., state that no personal gear can be left outside your camper when you're not there, including chairs, tables, etc., and one of the reasons they list is because of their grassy areas they maintain, as well as a safety issue.
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    I have been in a number sites where there would not have been the space for the side tent. You can now preview more and more sites, which should help. It seems as though private campgrounds are pickier about stakes than public campgrounds.

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    Thanks so much everyone for your advice! We do plan to call ahead to confirm policies. Happy camping! 
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    We've been lucky so far, I guess. We cook and eat in the awning so it would be a problem if we couldn't use it (it seems to rain every time we camp.)

    Is it possible to use the visor XL freestanding, i.e. with the straps connected to the [email protected]
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    @Photomom Yes, the visor is designed to be used "freestanding". There are two guy lines that slide into the bottom keder rail. Some people opt to stake those to the ground instead in windier conditions, but the xl visor is absolutely "freestanding" and would not be considered a tent.  I have two of them and sometimes put them on both sides of the [email protected] for two shade porches.
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