***2018 Pacific NW Fall Jamboree - Planning now for Sept. 14, 15, 16 -- 2018

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Hello Fellow [email protected], [email protected], [email protected]@ers, Teardroppers, and 

Gosh, wasn't the 2017 Jam just wonderful?  We pretty much had a unanimous decision that we want to get together again at Fort Worden WA State Park in the fall of 2018.  This date range is traditionally just glorious for camping weather....fingers crossed.  Everyone who is interested in rallying with us:

1.  Please start watching the Fort Worden CAMPING RESERVATION WEBSITE 
(https://washington.goingtocamp.com/Home.aspx) or call 1-888-226-7688 to snag a campsite for September 14, 15, and 16, 2018 (Fri, Sat, Sun).  The website says dates open 9 months in advance.  Sounds like we'd better start checking for availability right after Thanksgiving 2017 to book Sept. 2018!  Some may want to arrive earlier and/or stay later that weekend, but these will be our core days.  ****RESERVATION CALENDAR OPEN TODAY FOR 9/12/18!******

2.  Please reserve spots in the Upper Forest Campground first (sites 51-80).  We learned it was really neat to be huddled together as much as possible as a community.  If we can do this, we can also avoid the cost of the beach shelter and instead just set up camp chairs near our sites for the storytelling, mod discussions, music/singing, and eating.  It was so great to rove adjacent sites and visit with each other. Let's do that again. 

If we completely fill the Upper Forest on the park reservation map, let's then establish a second huddle down at the Lower Beach Campground (suggest sites 1-20 area).  I know the "beach" site sounds better but those beach sites are spread out so much, and for fall, the Upper Forest campground felt much less windy and cozy for a group.  If we need to expand down the hill, we can make a second huddle down there as plan B.  Again, it's best to huddle with others to enjoy the neighborly activities.

3.  Please sign the Roster List.  Here's the link to the Roster List sheet!   Please click on the link below, and then click in each box on the sheet to type your information and hit Tab button to move out of the box after you enter your info......this list is just so we know you are planning to join in and keep up with our huddling efforts onsite.  If you sign our roster here now, please don't forget to come back and add your campsite number when the state site lets you reserve it.   This google doc is just to track participation.  It does not reserve your campsite!  Use the link above in #1 to do that! ;-)

Thanks to 2Cougs and others who have volunteered to help lead the festivities.
I am also sharing this as an event on Lady Teardroppers, WA State [email protected], [email protected] Camping Trailers, Teardrop Camper Adventures, and here in the forum. 
And remember yall, "Great Minds Camp Alike" in our wonderful little trailers.

Hope to see yall there,
Melanie, Frank, and the Corgi Dogs

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