Hi From Belleville, ON

BarryBarry Posts: 11Member
Traded a 40' 5th wheel for a 2018 [email protected] CS-S at the dealer in Ft Myers and spent all Feb in Sarasota getting used to it before towing it home.  Now that it's warming up here, can't wait to fix a minor plumbing problem and start exploring eastern Cda and New England.  Retired transport pilot with the RCAF and wife Erika is retired middle school teacher.  Have enjoyed four previous (increasingly large and cumbersome) RVs and this one looks to be the most fun of all!  Tow it with a Ford Sport Trac.
Many thanks to all contributors; your posts have enabled me to solve everything so far.  Hope to meet you on the road; in the mean-time we're keeping it like new because I just know lots of folks are going to ask to see inside.
Cheers, all ... Barry in Belleville.


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