Alde glycol expansion tank locations for the TaB 320, Clamshell, and 400 models

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(A certain member suggested that we needed an easy to find thread that listed the locations of the expansion tank, so, TADA!)

The TaB Alde heating system debuted starting with the 2014 model year.  The glycol expansion tank locations vary by model.

Clamshell Models

The CS (no wet bath) model’s tank is located in a cabinet next to the floor A/C unit near the front of the trailer.  

The CSS model tank is easily located behind the hatch over the toilet.

320 Models

The early non-clamshell model tanks (2014 to early 2015 model years) are located under the driver’s side rear shelf.  Remove the square head screws to lift the shelf and expose the tank.

With the redesign of the rear shelf, beginning with the 2016 model year, the tank in the non-clamshell models is located at the end of the driver’s side rear shelf, behind the triangle-shaped, wood panel.  Again, remove the square headed screws and slide the panel towards the front of the trailer to uncover the tank.

New to the 2021 320 S and Clamshell models - the tank is behind a panel under the wet-bath sink. White caps cover the screws holding the panel in place.

The 400 Models

The 400 model tank is in the closet on 400s with the 2-way refrigerator.  On 400s with the 3-way refrigerator, it is inside the cubby area to the right of the driver’s side porthole window.  

2-way frig model (2018 - 2020 models)

3-way frig model for 2018 - 2020 models and ALL 2021 400 models

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