Pacific Northwest Fall Jam - Sept. 11, 12, 13, 2020

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Details coming soon. Ft. Worden, WA. Get ready! 


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    Don't move the PNW FJ 2020 to Labor Day weekend

    Ignoring the issues of Holiday Weekend reservations and highway traffic volume for a moment.    Most holiday weekend campers are families and infrequent campers.
    A [email protected] Event filling a high percentage of any campground during a traditional family outing weekend is unkind to the RV/Camping Community.

    Back in my Puget Sound boating days,with young children, Holiday Weekends were a big family adventure and finding our planned destination marina full of a Boat Club (most of whom were retired couples) was always a huge disappointment.
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    Plain and simple, I don’t travel on holiday weekends. EVER. Nothing about it is fun due to the crowds. I predict you’d end up with lower attendance because people can’t get sites as easily. Plus the traffic and ferry volume is insane, it just isn’t worth it to me.
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    My 02c,  I had problems getting a site with the group for this last one, and I didn't dilly dally too long.  It could be a real problem getting sites incorporating Labor Day.  For Olympic Peninsula locals, travel won't be much of a problem, but for everyone else it will be.
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